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About About Austin Fitness Martial Arts

Austin Fitness Martial Arts and Kung Fu Karate in south Austin provides top quality instruction  in fitness kickboxing and kung fu mixed martial arts. Featuring a kickboxing program for adults focusing on weight loss and toning muscles as well as proven techniques that help when dealing with an armed attacker. And their kung fu and karate program for children teaching them good values such as confidence and self discipline is recognized across central Texas. Austin Fitness Martial Arts highly skilled instructors make it possible to learn no matter what age or experience level.

Welcome to Austin Fitness Martial Arts

Austin Fitness and Martial Arts offers Kid Karate classes and Adult Martial Arts. Classes are taught in a safe, fun, and exciting environment. Kids Karate classes help improve your child's focus, energy, concentration, and self respect. They are placed in classes with other children of a similar age and learn useful self defense skill and responsibility, knowing that the skills they learn are only meant for defense. Their Adult Martial Art Kickboxing classes are not just your average kickboxing classes, you will burn up to 900 calories per class. Featuring a variety of classes to match any experience level, the highly trained instructors will evaluate you individual strengths and weaknesses to focus on giving you the most effective self defense skill available.