BodyBusiness Davenport Village

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About About BodyBusiness Davenport Village in Ausitn

BodyBusiness Davenport Village in west Austin, offers a unique health club experience in a spa environment. Featuring small group classes and private one on one classes of of TRX, Krankcycle, High Intensity Interval Training, and Diesel 350, as well as Pilates and weight loss services. You can enjoy the cutting edge training options that will help you achieve the results you want and their comprehensive highly trained instructors. BodyBusiness Davenport Village features a range of classes for all levels, affordable childcare perfect for busy parents, a relaxing day spa, and weight loss services to help you while dining out and grocery shopping.

Prices at BodyBusiness Davenport Village
  Personal Training (One on One) Pilates (One on One)
Session 30/60 min 60 min
Guest Pricing $65/$100 $25
Member Discount $55/$90 $15
  Personal Training (3 to 8) Pilates (3 to 8)
Session 30/60 min Length Varies
Guest Pricing $25/$35 $25
Member Discount $15/$25