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Join us at Cypress Valley Canopy ToursĀ® for a thrilling eco-adventure, where you fly through the canopy of old growth cypress trees, some up to 100 feet tall. A new world unfolds as you glide on steel zip lines from platform to platform high in the treetops. Join us and renew your experience of nature on our exhilarating Canopy Tour, the daring Canopy Challenge, or an overnight stay in the trees in our tree house, The Lofthaven. Cypress Valley Canopy ToursĀ® is a place of adventure, nature, fun, and relaxation. Come soar through the trees, harnessed in climbing gear, for an exciting look at Texas Hill Country nature from a completely new perspective. Our guides will escort you on an individual, group, company, or family adventure where you will have your adrenaline rush and learn about the local ecology from a bird's eye view. After your canopy zip tour, enjoy a picnic and swimming at a private lake where you can share your adventure with family and friends. For an exciting new way to spend your free-time, teenage fun, family frolic, or a great group team building experience call us today at (512)-264-8880.

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