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About About Elements Laser Spa Dowtown Austin

Elements Laser Spa in downtown Austin is conveniently located on San Jacinto between 6th and 7th Street. Voted as the best laser hair removal Austin has to offer three years running by Best of City Search. Featuring a staff of licensed aestheticians, certified laser technicians, and certified laser hair removal professionals eager to help enhance the way you look and feel. At Elements Laser Spa you can enjoy award winning laser hair removal treatments, trim down, and reduce wrinkles.

Treatments Offered at Elements Laser Spa

Elements Laser Spa offers a wide variety of affordable laser hair removal and laser skin care services. Whether you are looking to get rid of unwanted hairs with out the hassle of shaving or waking, exhilarate your skin, or trim a few inches off your body Elements Laser Spa is ready to assist you. Listed below are a few of the services offered at Elements Laser Spa.

Hair Removal - Prices vary widely

Our Candela hair removal lasers set us apart. No other hair removal technology even comes close. Complete hair removal in the fewest number of laser treatments. No messy gels or expensive numbing creams required. Laser treatments are quick, with little or no discomfort.  And the results…………absolutely amazing!

Skin Tightening - $300

Laser skin tightening is a highly sought after procedure due to its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles and firming up loose skin without the risks and downtime of surgery. The technique uses infrared laser energy to stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration of collagen. The resulting increase in collagen gives the skin a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Sun Spot Removal - $100 per treatment (20 min session)

Sun spots, those brown spots and patches that appear on the skin after years of fun in the sun, can be effectively removed with the laser technology at Elements Laser Spa. Sun spots, which include  age spots, liver spots, freckles, solar lentigines, and other benign pigmented lesions resulting from sun-damage, can be removed from nearly any body area.

Spider Vein Removal - $100 per treatment

Spider veins are caused by cumulative sun exposure, genetics and skin conditions such as rosacea. Spider veins smaller than 3-mm in diameter can be removed using a laser. Laser light energy passes through the skin and is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood. The blood in the spider veins is vaporized and the vessels collapse without damage to the surrounding skin tissue.

When visiting Elements Laser Spa keep in mind...
  • Certain medications (particularly antibiotics) can cause skin photo-sensitivity.  You must stop taking these medications seven (7) days before your treatment.
  • No tanning seven (7) days before or after treatment.  Wear sunscreen if outdoors, reapply frequently.
  • For laser hair removal, shave the area to be treated before your appointment.  No tweezing, waxing, or removal creams.

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