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About Fonda San Miguel

Fonda San Miguel is considered to be one of the finest interior Mexican restaurant in the country. Featuring classic regional Mexican cuisine prepared with authentic recipes, favorites include Pollo en Mole Poblano amd Carne Asada a ala Tampiquena. Wether you choose an entree from their regular menu or one of their nightly specialy, Fonda San Miguel  offers patrons a unique dining experience.
A Sample of the Menu at Fonda San Miguel Austin

Pollo Pibil 18.50

Yucatan specialty of achiote-seasoned chicken baked in banana leaf.

Chuleta de Cerdo 24.50
Grilled center cut pork chop.

Pescado Veracruzano MKT
Broiled fish fillet in the traditional Vera Cruz tomato sauce with capers, onions and Spanish olives.

Enchiladas de Pato 18.95
Enchiladas with shredded duck topped with a poblano-spinach sauce.

Calabacitas Rellenas 13.95
Baked zucchini filled with corn and white cheese. Served with a Jitomate sauce.

Pollo en Mole Poblano 18.50
Baked one-quarter chicken in the traditional mole of Puebla.

Ancho Relleno San Miguel 19.50
Chile ancho filled with chicken, olives, capers and almonds in a light cilantro cream sauce.

Carne Asada a la Tampiqueña 34.95
Grilled strip of beef tenderloin served with guacamole, rajas, and a cheese enchilada.

Camarones Amarones en Crema de Chipotle Mkt
Gulf shrimp in spicy chipotle cream sauce.

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