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About Garbo A Salon in Austin

Garbo A Salon and Spa, in Central Austin, is a truly authentic Austin experience. What does this mean? It means that the Garbo space is fresh, funky, and unpretentious. It means the Garbo professional creates amazing, cutting edge looks that express you, not a prototype. It means at Garbo Austin you are not just a client here, you are a friend. Garbo prides itself as an eclectic, colorful staff of urban salon and spa professionals ready to remind you what it feels like to live in a place like Austin. It feels good! Call and make an appointment today. You’ll never forget our service, and you’ll always remember our smile.

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At Garbo in Austin our roots grow deep because we place social, spiritual, and environmental values at the foundation of our business. Our core is strenghtened through our well-established sense of family, ceaseless commitment to excellence, and joy in connecting love, beauty, and the environment. The style we define and personalize in our clientele reveals their inner beauty by bringing it to the surface. Come visit us at Garbo A Salon and "Discover the Beauty Within."

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