Halcyon Coffee Bar and Lounge

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About About Halcyon Austin

Sink into one of our comfy sofas or lounge chairs.  Sip the best cup of coffee in town or a sample from our distinctive cocktail menu.  Satisfy your hunger with table-top S'mores or fresh salads and hot paninis.  Halcyon is Austin's social hub where you can hold conversations without screaming, enjoy drinks without crowding to the bar, and nurse your latte without feeling like you are sitting in a corporate cookie cutter.While you're here, take advantage of our...

Free Wireless Internet
Cigar Humidor
Tobacco Shop

Whether you are looking for a great cup of pick-me-up or the perfect place to enjoy your friends, Halycon's friendly staff will make you feel at home.

Menu at Halycon Austin

Grilled Panini Sandwiches

$5.75 Tomato, Basil Pesto, Fresh Mozzarella

$5.75 Turkey, Brie, Mushroom Pesto

$5.75 Turkey, Pepper Jack, Maple Champagne Mustard

$5.75 Honey Smoked Ham & Cheddar Melt W/Bourbon Molasses Mustard

$3.50 Classic Grilled Cheese

Other Food

Gourmet Desserts, Including Tableside S'Mores

Baked Empanadas (Daily Assortment)

Fresh Pastry Assortment


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