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About About Iron Works BBQ Austin

Iron Works BBQ is a family owned and operated BBQ joint, serving some of the best authentic Texas BBQ in town. It is conveniently located in downtown Austin in a remodeled iron shop. The interior has a comfortable country feel, and the exterior is a barn house red making it easy to spot. Iron Works BBQ features classic favorites such as Pork Ribs Turkey and Sausage, but they are truly famous for their Beef Ribs. While in town if you are in search of real Texas BBQ keep in mind Iron Works as it is one of the top BBQ places to visit in Austin.

If you are unable to make it down to Austin but cannot get Iron Works BBQ out of your mind, you will be happy to know that you can have Iron Works BBQ shipped to you.  Whether you're looking for the spices, BBQ Sauce, or the Beef Ribs you can get it all at your door step.

A Sample of the Menu at Iron Works BBQ
Barbecue Plates
Plates include potato salad, beans, pickle, onion, bread and barbecue sauce.
Beef Rib $13.45
The Ribs that make us famous.
Pork Ribs $13.25
Smoked over oak.
Chicken $7.95
Half a Chicken, smoked and juicy.
IWB Original Hot Sausage $7.15
1/2 ring of our smoke tangy sausage.
Smoked Turkey $8.45
1/3 pound boneless smoked turkey.
Smoked Pork Loin $7.95
The best of the pork.
Your choice of bun or white bread. All come with BBQ sauce, pickle and onion
Sliced Beef $5.40 Smoked Pork Loin $4.95
Chopped Beef $4.95 Sausage Wrap $2.50

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