Ka Prow Thai and Sushi Bistro

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Ka-Prow Thai & Sushi Bistro
Ka-Prow Thai and Sushi Bistro in North Austin offers an amazing Pan Asian menu. Restaurant chef and owner "O" always has something different on the menu for those who wish to try something new. With a strong desire to provide authentic cuisine from his region of Thailand, Ka-Prow Thai and Sushi Bistro offers a great selection of Asian cuisine with a strong emphasis on Central Thailand.
A Sample of the Menu at Ka-Prow Austin
Ka-Prow offers Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and fusion cuisine for lunch and dinner. The menu features, rice entrees, noodle entrees, curry, Chef O's specials, Bento boxes for lunch, and a great selection of sushi, sashimi, and maki. Listed below is a sample of Ka-Prow's dinner menu.

Eel Don 12.99
BBQ eel on top of sushi rice

Pad Puk 8.99
Stir-fried zucchinis, cabbages, bean sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, and garlic with your choice of meat

Ginger Tilapia 13.99
Grilled 8 oz tilapia topped with stir-fried onions, scallions, red bell peppers, garlic and ginger. Served with steamed or brown rice

Honey Shrimp 12.99
Golden fried shrimp with broccoli and red bell peppers in a honey sauce

Paradise Duck 16.99
Grilled duck breast topped with plum sauce bedded of steamed broccoli, carrots, and zucchini

Sushi Supreme 26.00
12 pieces of Chef O"s choice of sushi, a shrimp tempura roll, and 4 pieces of California Roll.

Chicken Teriyaki 9.99
Grilled chicken breast marinated in a teriyaki sauce served over steamed broccoli, carrots, and zucchini

Ka-Prow Noodles 9.99
Stir-fired minced chicken, onions, red bell peppers, chili, garlic, mushrooms, and Ka-prow leaves over rice noodle

Mussamun Curry 9.49
Choice of meat with onions, carrots, peanuts and potatoes

Spicy Chow Main 12.99
Stir-fried shrimp, onions, scallions, red peppers, Ka-Prow leaves and garlic in red curry sauce over chow mein noodles

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