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About About Maiko Austin Sushi Lounge

Located where Sixth Street meets the Warehouse District, downtown Austin's Maiko Sushi Lounge offers a tasteful blend of contemporary Eurasian cuisine and sophisticated, yet relaxed nightlife.  With a full bar in the lounge that hosts DJ's spinning subtle mixes, it's not just a restaurant.  Many guests visit the Maiko Lounge for relaxing with friends, dining on appetizers, and sipping martinis.   But Maiko does not stop with the sushi lounge sensation.  They also deliver a full service restaurant and sushi bar that combines classic flavors from France, Spain, and Japan.  Whether you're in town visiting or a regular to Austin's downtown scene, Maiko has something to offer everyone. 

About the menu at Maiko Austin

Maiko is the culmination of former head chef Seiju Onami's world travels.  The restaurant offers traditional Edomae style sushi from the bar as well as dishes that are a fusion of traditional Japanese, Classical French, and Contemporary Spanish cuisines.  This is where the kitchen stands out, as it is not only a blend between Japanese and Western European fare, but also a blend between traditional and the ever evolving contemporary.

Maiko also offers a wide variety of sashimi and appetizers.  They also serve small portions, tapa style, in the lounge.  Below are a few things from the menu

10 pc. sashimi $20

2 salmon, 2 tuna, 2 hamachi, 4 chef’s choice

Chirashi don $22

12 pieces assorted sashimi on a bed of rice, grated wasabi, tamago

Herbivore combo $15

hybrid roll, avocado, roastedpepper and wakame nigiris

Sashimi for Two $38

4 tuna, 4 salmon, 4 hamachi, 6 chef’s choice

Sushi for One $22

tuna, salmon, hamachi, 3 chef's choice nigiris, Maiko roll

Sushi for two $40

2 tuna, 2 salmon, 2 hamachi, 6 chef's choice nigiris, orange dragon roll

Maiko Yacht $100

20 pieces of nigiri, 20 pieces of sashimi, orange dragon roll, Texas monster rolls

Spider Roll $12
crispy softshell crab, spicy aioli, avocado, cucumber

New Caterpillar roll $13
freshwater eel, layers of avocado with, eel & peanut sauces

Orange Dragon Roll $12
spicy tuna, topped with fresh salmon, avocado

Blackened Tuna Roll $16
snow crab, tempura crunch, jalapeno with Japanese mustard & eel sauce

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