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The Legend Goes...Once upon a time there was a family of four. There was Mother Munchy, Father Munchy, Mary Munchy and Will Munchy all traveling cross country. The kids begged the parents to stop at every fast food or clown theme restaurant they passed while Mother and Father wanted to stop at fine dining establishments and enjoy a relaxing meal. The arguments grew fierce and tension were high as the trip began to appear doomed. Suddenly little Will saw a star shining about the window and made a wish. "Help us find just the right place to save our family, our trip and our sanity." he sighed.

Suddenly, he saw the sign of their salvation! Exclaiming that he immediately needed a bathroom stop, he convinced Father to pull off at the next exit and stop at the Outback! Mother and Father had the exquisite steak and chicken they longed for and Mary and Will had cheeseburgers as big as your head and lots of great fries while getting to color and work puzzles. Best of all, it was luxury at the cost of almost the same as the burger joints. The trip was saved and the family was too! They all lived happy ever after.

A Taste of the Menu at Outback Steakhouse Northwest Austin

Entrees are served with a choice of House or Caesar salad and choice of jacket potato, Aussie chips, or fresh stemaed veggies.

11ox. Prime Filet- $20.95 Thick and ever so tender

16oz. Rib-Eye- $18.95 A large cur full of flavor, prime cut of course

Outback Special- $11.99 A 12-ounce center-cut sirloin, seasoned and seared to perfection

Jackeroo Chops- Two 8-ounce center cut pork chops served with cinnamon apples and a choice of potato

Botany Bay Fish O’ The Day- Fresh catch, lightly seasoned and grilled, with fresh veggies

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