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If you love sushi than Sushi Zushi is the perfect place for you, featuring an extensive menu of sushi as well as a great selection of cooked items as well. The menu offers both authentic and new interpretation of Japanese cuisine, that appeal to both adventurous and conservative diners. Besides the extensive menu offered you can also enjoy Sake from one of the most impressive selection, with over 50 brands to choose from. Sushi Zushi prides itself itself in treating you to an unforgettable dining experience with plenty of variety to choose from.

A Sample of the Menu at Sushi Zushi Austin

Katsu Don $10.00

Breaded pork cutlet, egg, onion, and shiitake mushrooms on top of rice

Sashimi Sampler $15.00

Delicious assortment of sashimi that includes tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and octopus (no substitutions)

Tempura Udon $9.50

Shrimp (3), Kamaboko (boiled fish paste) and green onion in a bonito broth, with udon noodles and shredded bonito on the top

Zaru Udon $7.00

Cold udon noodles topped with shredded nori seaweed on a bamboo tray. Served with your choice of goma (sesame) base or soy sauce base dipping sauce

Chirashi $15.50

Bowl filled with sushi rice and then scattered with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, shrimp, octopus, albacore, mackerel, kanikama crab, bonito, ikura, tamago, shiitake mushrooms, kampyo, daikon and shiso leaf

California Shrimp $4.00

Single hand rolled cone shape roll with avocado, cucumber and shrimp California Snow

Unagi (Eel) $5.00

Single hand rolled cone shape roll with Unagi eel, cucumber, avocado topped with eel sauce

Yummy Yummy Roll $15.00

Eel on top, shrimp tempura, snow crab and avocado inside rolled uramaki style

Valentine’s Roll $12.00
Avocado and soft shell crab, rolled uramaki style, and wrapped with salmon and tuna

Spicy Salmon Roll $6.50

Salmon with spicy mayo, kaiware sprouts and chives rolled uramaki style

The Urban Roll $10.50

Yellowtail, cream cheese & jalapeño rolled uramaki style with a tempura battered finish (10 pieces)

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