Z Tejas Austin Arboretum

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About About Z Tejas Austin Northwest

Convenient shopping and comfortable neighborhoods surround our Arboretum location. A popular spot for lunch, happy hour and dinner with both the business and leisure crowd. This beautifully appointed Z' Tejas features a large climate controlled patio with incredible Hill Country views.

The Z Tejas Story
It all started in a little place in Austin, Texas where four friends, who were also chefs, agreed to disagree. These chef/friends had come together to create a new dining experience and to open their first restaurant, Z Tejas Grill Austin. 

About Austin Z Tejas Chef Jack Gilmore

I've worked in kitchens for 22 years. From the gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana to the desert of Arizona. I started at Z' Tejas in Austin nine years ago. My philosophy of cooking was very simple - put together everything you have learned and use it. Be humble when it does not work out and be glad when it does. I try to make all our guests satisfied. It is great when eight different people come in and every one orders something different and all is enjoyable.In developing the menu, one chef enjoyed cooking with a Southwestern flair. A second preferred the Cajun and Creole flavors of New Orleans. The other two chefs prepared their recipes with the creativity and freshness of California. Soon, the chefs of Z' Tejas Grill began to borrow and share ingredients and recipes with each other that created a cuisine we've dubbed "Dining South by Southwest" and result in the flavors you'll find at Z' Tejas Grill.  At Z' Tejas Grill, we pride ourselves on having a menu that has something for everyone. You can come in for lunch or dinner, or share appetizers at the bar with friends while enjoying our famous frozen margaritas. 

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