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Hamilton Pool

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18619 Hamilton Pool Road

(512) 854-7275

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Hamilton Pool is a beautiful swimming hole nestled in the Hill Country about 20 miles west of Austin off Highway 71. The natural swimming pool is formed by a collapsed grotto that is supplied by a 60-foot waterfall.  The rock formation serves as a unique backdrop to the cool, blue-green water, which flows down a magical tree-lined creek, to the Pedernales River.
Swimming is allowed only when the water quality meets safe standards.  Water quality is monitored regularly.  Updated information is provided on the park's telephone recorder message.  Please call 512-264-2740 for park conditions. You can also learn more by visiting their Travis County Parks Page here.  Reservations are now required to enter the park and the latest fees are shown below.

Entrance Fees
  • Vehicle Entrance Fee - $12 (1 vehicle max, 8 people max)
  • $8 per adult (13 to 61 years of age)
  • $3 per senior (62 years of age and older)
  • $0 per child (12 years of age and younger)

Hiking Hints for Hamilton Pool Austin
The well-marked hiking trail leads from the parking lot to Hamilton Creek.  At the creek, the trail to the right goes to the pool and the trail to the left follows the creek downstream to the Pedernales River.  Bald cypress trees, lush diverse plant communities, and a variety of wildlife species occupy the grotto and downstream areas.  The hike from the parking lot to the pool is about 1/2 mile round trip; the hike along the creek from the pool to the river is about 3/4 mile, or 1 1/2miles round-trip from the parking lot.

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