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Top 30 Things To Do in Austin Texas

This list highlights the top 30 things to do in Austin Texas in June 2024 with Austin sightseeing, attractions, tours, museums, and more that locals love just as much as visitors!

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1. Weird Out at the Museum of the Weird

Museum of the Weird on 6th Street

This mystical museum will blow your mind without leaving a crater in your wallet. An authentically Austin adventure that is accessible and eccentric. You won’t want to miss the unique sights to be seen here. Located right downtown in the Sixth Street Historic District and home to many things most couldn’t imagine. Throw your expectations to the wayside and anticipate something stranger. Go see for yourself and you’ll soon believe in the Weird like we do.

View Museum of the Weird

2. Blow Your Mind at Wonderspaces

Arriving in Austin during covid, Wonderspaces offers 28,000 square feet of art installations to dazzle every corner of your mind. An exquisite fun house of varied installations of light, mirror, technology, and pure imagination, Wonderspaces features a sensually diverse experience that everyone will love. Tickets sell out, so check online to find a day and time to go spend a few hours blowing your mind with this indoor activity that features plenty of space for fun alone or with your crew.

View Wonderspaces Austin

3. Check out the World Famous Congress Bridge Bats

Watching the Austin Bats depart the Congress Bridge is Austin's most popular tourist attraction for a reason. It's simply a marvel. Watch as 1.5 million bats pepper the sky in steady stream appreciated pursuit to rid Austin of mosquitoes. There are a lot of ways to view the bats. Use the button below to learn about 4 fun ways to check them out.

View the Austin Bats

4. Ride in Style with a Haunted Hearse Tour

Austin Ghost Tours

Locals and visitors alike rave about the dark, spooky style of Haunted ATX hearse limo and van tours. One of the more unique experiences in Austin that is seriously keeping Austin weird, this tour lets you pack your friends in a hearse that's been converted into a limo or a passenger van wrapped in spooky art to visit historic locations and hear the tales of ghosts that haunt these landmarks. Tours start at $49 per person, but lasts 3 hours so you get a lot of entertainment bang for your buck. The tour itself is a blend of scary stories, Austin history, and a deep dive into some intriguing tales behind some of Austin's most iconic buildings.

View Haunted ATX

5. Take a Splash with Austin Duck Adventures

One of the first tours to show visitors around town and the only land and water tour available, Austin Duck Adventures is one of the most popular tours in town. The tour starts at the Austin Visitor Center at the corner of 4th and Red River in downtown Austin. It drives along 6th street, up Congress where you get great views of the Texas Capitol and then on to Lake Austin where you drive straight into the water and float around before heading back. Tours run 7 days a week.

View Austin Duck Adventures

6. Pet Your Next Kitty at Purrfecto Cat Lounge

View Purrfecto Cat Lounge

Do you believe in furry tails? Indulge your kitty fix or adopt your new family member with a visit to the newest, coolest, chic lounge in Austin...Purrfecto. This is the only cat lounge in Austin and a one of a kind activity that will warm your heart.

View Purrfecto Cat Lounge

7. Take a Wild Ride at Slick Dick's

View Slick Dick's Wild Ride

Gather the girls and head to Slick Dick’s for some Texas sized fun at one of the only arcades of its kind. Take a wild ride with your ride-or-dies on their mischievous mechanical member, Marvin. Smash the patriarchy with the Whack-A-D*ck machine or try your luck at grabbing a plushy package from Jean Claw Van Dayum! Slicks is the picture perfect playhouse for your upcoming bachelorettes, birthdays, and bangers of any kind.

View Slick Dick's Wild Ride

8. Float the River with Texas State Tubes

View Texas State Tubes

Back before tourism hit the Austin market and visitors had endless options, floating the Guadalupe and San Marcos rivers provided locals with a relaxing way to spend the day chilling in the water. As the city grew so did the attraction and depending on when and where you go the parking and lines can be a mess. Joining a bus load of other tubers on a tour from Texas State Tubes makes it super EASY and a little SAFER with transport from Austin to the rivers down South and back.

View Texas State Tubes

9. Work out Your Frustrations in a Rage Room

View Unchartered Adventures

One of the most exotic Austin things to do, Unchartered Adventures features a variety of high octane activities. Originally they featured a Rage Room full of breakables, suited up guests in protective clothing and let them go wild with a baseball bat. Since releasing the rage room they've added more activities with Smash Car, Escape Rooms, Splatter Paint, and something called Zombie Airsoft. If you're looking to log some off the charts memories, definitely check out the scene at Unchartered Adventures.

View Unchartered Adventures

10. Break Out of Prison + More at The Escape Game

Located downtown next to the Austin Visitor Center, this is the #1 escape room in Austin. You and your friends will work together to find clues and overcome challenges to ultimately complete a mission and ESCAPE! The Escape Game has 6 different adventures to choose from including The Heist, Gold Rush, Playground, Cosmic Crisis, Classified, and our favorite - Prison Break.

View The Escape Game Austin

11. Snap Some Selfies at the Texas State Capitol

Viewing the Texas State Capitol

Austin and Texas are at odds when it comes to politics. Exploring the Texas State Capitol is a unique Austin experience and may help you understand the complexities of the local political scene. Who knows, you might get lucky and bump into Alex Jones protesting against masks, science, or some idea of civic responsibility. While a lot of people will stroll the grounds and take some selfies, we recommend a tour with Texas Capitol City Tours that lasts about an hour and costs $20 a person

View Texas State Capitol Tours

12. Dine at the Best Austin Restaurants

View the Best Restaurants in Austin Guide

Everybody has a friend that claims their city has the most restaurants per capita. You hear that from Austin locals all the time. While it may not offer the most restaurants per capita, it's definitely a hot market for culinary talent looking to escape the high prices of running a boutique restaurant along the nation's coasts. Austin City Guide recently released our Best Austin Restaurants Guide that is organized like this things to do list. We figured we'd give it a quick plug here since everybody loves to eat!

View Best Restaurants in Austin

13. Take Down the Cartel at Paniq Room

View Paniq Room

Fed up you can't help stop the drug war? Every time you shut down a lab, another pops right up. Do your part with Paniq Room's Cartel Crackdown. They also feature rooms called Isane Asylum, Wizard Trials, and Pirates of Tortuga if you're not up for helping with the War on Drugs.

View Paniq Room

14. Immerse Yourself into a Virtual Reality at Zero Latency

View Zero Latency VR

Have you ever wanted to jump into a video game and experience what it's like with your own eyes? Look no further than Zero Latency VR. Here, you can fully immerse your senses into a whole new story and free roam VR world. Save yourself from zombies, defend your team on the Islands of Far Cry, enter the sci-fi singularity cyber world, and many more adventures to discover! Amp up your adrenaline and become the hero you’ve been training to be.

View Zero Latency VR

15. I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Boozy Scoop Ice Cream!

View Boozy Scoop Ice Cream Bar

That’s right folks! Now there is an adult ice cream shop to satisfy multiple cravings. Every flavor at Boozy Scoop is loaded with great ingredients and infused with your favorite liquors. If you aren’t drinking or under age no fear, they have tons of non alcoholic flavors as well. Try these flavors: S’mores (marshmallow cream, chocolate chips, graham cracker, topped with toasted marshmallow with a Boozy Infusion of Ugly Dog S'mores Whiskey) - Mama's Banana Puddin' (Banana Pudding Mix, Nilla Wafers, Bananas with a Boozy Infusion of Howler Head Banana Whiskey) - Tiger Stripes (Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Reese's Cups with a Boozy Infusion of Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey)

View Boozy Scoop Ice Cream Bar

16. Crush Devil's Cove with Lone Star Party Boats

View Lone Star Party Boats

Often catering to Austin's elite, the boat scene at Devil's Cove has earned its nickname with boats tying together creating a dance floor that rival's Austin's best night clubs. The guys at Lone Star Party Boats make it easy to get your groove on with single and double decker boats to rent. All boats have captains, large floating pads, plenty of pool noodles, and big coolers. If you want to seize the day in Austin, there's no better experience than Lake Travis and Devil's Cove!

View Lone Star Party Boats

17. Fire a Fully Automatic Uzi at The Range at Austin

What better way to bond with friends and family than showcasing your Uzi skills? The Range features a state of the art facility and immersive experience that begins the moment you step inside. Pick from shooting packages featuring, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, modern rifles, and/or automatic firearms! Packages start at $49. We suggest you go big and get the AR15 + Uzi Two-Gun package for $199. Your party's Safety Officer will run you through the protocol and demonstrate proper usage of your gun(s). The Range Safety Officer is there to assist your party from start to finish and make sure you're prepared for the next invasion.

View The Range Austin

18. Zip Over Land and Lake with Lake Travis Zip Lines

Climb up above the tree lines and then zip across the forest and water like a modern Tarzan with (hopefully) more than a loin cloth. Lake Travis Zip lines offers a chance to suspend your pedestrian life with something more airborne as you zip through, across, and over some of Austin's best scenery. Zip lines offers one of the most highlighted photographic opportunities available to declare to your social media pals that you're bravery is not grounded to bikes and scooters.

View Zip Lake Travis

19. Taste and Tour Texas Hill Country Distilleries

View Austin Tour Company

Get to know Austin's Hill Country with a distillery tour in Dripping Springs. You and your crew can take a private ride from your location in Austin to three celebrated distilleries: Dripping Springs Distilling, Treaty Oaks Distillery, and the Desert Door Distillery. Maybe take some notes on how to make your own hooch in case prohibition circles back to the new America. Or just enjoy drinks at each location and soak in the views. The guys at Austin Tour Company make it fun, safe, and legal to let go a little. It's a great idea for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or just a group get away.

View Austin Tour Company

20. Get the Gang Back Together with

Bring your gang of friends on one of's tours and they will have the time of their life! They have won Tripadvisor's Traveler's Choice Award 7 years in a row and for good reason; everyone has a BLAST! Choose from one of their biker gang themed e-bike tours or learn about Austin's music history on their newest walking tour. They also offer e-bike rentals if you want to explore Austin on your own. It's a bucket list experience in Austin!


21. Challenge Your Tribe at Axe Escape

View Axe Escape

Whether you are an axe amateur or a ninja with the knives, Axe Escape is the perfect experience for you and your squad. Become the hero you’ve always wanted to be and learn to throw axes, hachets, Batarangs, and a host of other sharp objects. With a full bar and plenty of space, this is the prime spot for your next party. Put your friends to the test and book an Axe Escape.

View Axe Escape

22. Rock a Night Out at the Best Bars in Austin

View Our Best Bars in Austin Guide

Maybe you're into breweries and outdoor seating. Perhaps it a hot dance floor with a sweet disco ball. In the past, Austin's nightlife was isolated to historic sixth street. Now there's districts all over town. Check out our nightlife guide for hot spots to get your groove on or chilax with your dogs and some brews.

View the Best Bars in Austin

23. Practice Shooting from a Helicopter

View Tactical Fitness Austin

Scratch 2 items off the bucket list by learning to shoot a rifle while flying in a low altitude helicopter for the ultimate Texas experience. The team at Tactical Fitness offers 3-4 hours of Aerial Gunnery and Rifle training with an X Special Forces instructor. Go big and select the Sky Fire package (aka the helicopter shooting). It’s $1,200 per person, but you know…YOLO!

View Tactical Fitness Austin

24. Escape a Submarine in a Literary-Themed Escape Room

View Novel Escape

Like Escape Games? We love them. The guys at Novel Escape build them based on classic novels. Their main game is built around 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and requires escaping a submarine before you run out of air. Talk about pressure! Novel Escape features 100% private games just for you and your mates.

View Novel Escape

25. Hold your Paddle High with Live Love Paddle

We absolutely love Live Love Paddle's kayak bat watching tours during bat season. They also rent kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes for those looking to get a little exercise in with their sightseeing. The views of downtown Austin from Lady Bird Lake are amazing, especially as the sun sets.

View Live Love Paddle

26. Explore Austin's Trails with Mike's Bikes Tours and Rentals

View Mike's Bikes Rentals and Tours

We love biking in Austin and nobody knows the trails and sites better than Mike. His crew offers a variety of tours to choose from including a couple on Austin's premiere mountain bike trails and a few that explore the city itself. You might think summer is the only time for a bike tour in Austin, but due to our warm weather these tours run all year round

View Mike's Bikes Rentals and Tours

27. Walk, Jog, or Ride the Boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake

It wasn't until they finished the boardwalk on Lady Bird Lake that you could circle the entire trail without a few treks on the road. Now there's a full 10.2 mile loop along the water in downtown Austin. We love getting our bikes out there when the weather is right.

View Lady Bird Lake

28. Catch Some Air with soFly Social

View soFly Social

Have you ever dreamed you could fly? Well, we want to see you soar! Express your inner aero and take an aerial dance class with the folks at soFly. Swing from the silks, hop in a hoop, and dance till you drop! Book a class for you and your besties!

View soFly Social

29. Enjoy a Sightseeing or Dinner Cruise on Lady Bird Lake

Sightseeing Tours on Lady Bird Lake

There are two large river boat operations on Lady Bird Lake that are super packed during warmer months taking people on bat watching tours. When they bats leave, they still offer great sunset, sightseeing, and moonlight cruise tours of Lady Bird Lake. There's also a few companies that offer kayaking tours that are very popular because the weather can be perfect on a weekend afternoon.

View Sightseeing Tours on Lady Bird Lake

30. Disappear at Magic's Theater

Located in Southwest Austin, Magic's Theater offers a close up magic show inside a magic museum. They're open Monday - Saturday nights with shows starting at 8pm. The museum features pieces from Harry Houdini, Doug Henning, and other magician's acts. Plus you can bring your own wine with a small corkage fee.

View Magic's Theater