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Ivan Collins Executive Editor & CEO


Ivan Collins, entrepreneur extraordinaire, is an avid adventurer, dirt bike rider, and outdoor explorer. Ivan moved to Austin from Norman, Oklahoma in 1992 and has refused to leave since (minus a robust travel schedule). As a UT grad of Chemical Engineering and a Norman, OK native, his football allegiances are confusing, but his business and diplomacy skills are top notch. Ivan values honesty and hard work above all else. World travel, great food, and a good chess game earn a solid second place. Ivan’s skills include software development, project management, and product development. His primary business goal is to help clients maximize success while minimizing cost. His latest projects includes adding a commission free online ordering platform to his restaurant marketing toolset with Reservation Genie that helped restaurants maximize online orders while minimizing costs in the new covid world of limited capacity. Ivan currently co-owns Austin tour Haunted ATX, Austin City Guide, Reservation Genie, and Tally Meals.

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