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Lone Star Party Boats

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17141 Rocky Ridge Road

(512) 400-4434

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Ivan Collins Last updated on Jan 15, 2024 by

Our experience with Lone Star Party Boats on Lake Travis
We had the pleasure of taking a small group of friends out on Lake Travis with Captain Kramer from Lone Star Party Boats in early October. The marina was easy to get to with about a 35 minute drive from South Austin to the aptly named Paradise Cove. Kramer texted us instructions ahead of time regarding what we should do upon arrival to park and meetup, and someone arrived quickly at the dock to meet our crew and help carry all our things to the boat for us.  We put our drinks in the cooler (already filled with ice) and organized the food we brought for easy access later. Kramer went over some brief safety instructions and we all used our phones to sign a digital waiver accessed from a bar code. Then it was off to Devil's Cove.

It was a windy day, but we really only felt that on the cruise over to the cove. Once we were anchored, Kramer kicked up the tunes, pulled out the Lilly Pad (giant floating pad) and turned on the water slide.  We spread out our Rudy's BBQ, poured some sangrias, and cracked open the beers. Being towards the end of the season and a Sunday evening, Devil's Cove wasn't quite the island of boats party that give it's namesake. But we had a blast regardless. 

About the Lone Star Party Boats
Beau set us up on the newest boat with the best sound system. The Midnight Cowboy features a two story configuration with a small upper deck and access to the water slide from up top. Everyone took their turns on the slide with the younger crew going face first. The Midnight Cowboy seats up to 13, but were were only 9 plus my baby boy (that's us in the picture below) which gave us a lot of space to walk (or crawl) around. The Pearl Snap is also a double decker with a slide and seats groups up to 17. The Texas Heat doesn't have a second story or a slide, but can still hold 15 comfortably with a nice shaded area in the back. 

Price Points Vary
Each boat has different price points that vary depending on the day of the week. Saturdays are most in demand, with Fridays and Sundays costing more than the lower weekday rates. Boats are rented in 3 hour increments with the option to buy additional hours if it's not booked by someone else. Prices start out at $400 for a 3 hour block and can head north of $1000 for the best days and boat.  Visit the Lone Star Party Boats website here

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