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Great Shopping Ideas in Austin, Texas

Below you'll find a list of unique and fun shopping destinations in Austin, TX that appeal equally to locals aiming for something special and visitors looking to pick up some souvenirs.

Angela Hall Last updated on Apr 17, 2021 by

1. Keep Austin Weird and Visit South Congress Avenue

SoCo shopping district

The epicenter of the "Keep Austin Weird" movement, South Congress Avenue remains a top visitor attraction albeit more and more upscale as the years go by. It's a great place to do some unique shopping, catch a great restaurant, even see live music.

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2. Go Full Yuppie at the Domain in North Austin

The Domain in North Austin

Quite the opposite of South Congress, but very impressive with total shopping emersion, the Domain in North Austin features the most exclusive brands in the city. It also features a strong resume of restaurants, nightlife, and boutiques.

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3. Drift Through the Highrises in the 2nd Street District

2nd Street Shopping District

Home to a few locations on this list, the 2nd Street District continues to rise in popularity for shopping with new condos going up and killer high end retail filling the bottom floor. Also a great place to catch a bite and drink.

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4. Get Totally Wild About Music

Wild About Music Store

Located in downtown Austin at corner of 6th and Congress, is Austin’s answer to music nostalgia and great gifts appealing to those interested in Austin’s claim to fame of the Live Music Capital of the World.

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5. Seek the Unusual at Uncommon Objects

Uncommon Objects Store

Off Hwy 71 in South Austin, Uncommon Objects is home to an eclectic mix of art, furniture, antiques, taxidermy, and decorations that lives up to its name and is fun just browsing.

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6. Support Artisans at 10 Thousand Villages

10 Thousand Villages

Dedicated to handmade goods from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa, 10 Thousand Villages aims to sell goods with a story behind them. They’re also focused on helping artisans earn money from their skills. You can find all sorts of clothing, jewelry, furniture, unique pieces there.

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7. Show Your Fandom with Clothing from Austin Rocks

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Also dedicated to the music scene in Austin, the Austin Rocks boutique features mostly clothing aimed at the music industry and it’s fans with styles you may see on Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister to some things targeting a more modern hipster.

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8. Boost your Allure at the Kendra Scott Flagship Store

Kendra Scott Flagship Store

One of the most celebrated jewelry designers in the US, Kendra Scott got her start in Austin, TX. Stop in to visit her Flagship Store on South Congress Avenue for a look at some of her amazing jewelry. The building itself is from the 1800s, but remodeled to give it a modern look while also preserving some of the original style.

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9. Hide Among Us at Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds

Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds store

One of the most entertaining stores to browse in Austin, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds is costume store on South Congress that is as quirky on the inside is it is on the outside. A smash hit in an October, this is the destination for costumes and just plain fun to check out.

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