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Prima Dora

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1912 South Congress Avenue

(512) 447-4736

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Jane Mesa Last updated on Jun 18, 2022 by

One of my all time favorite gift shops in Austin is Prima Dora on South Congress right next to my favorite pancakes in town, Magnolia Cafe.  This is one of my go-to shops on South Congress any time I need a gift for someone (or a little retail therapy for myself!). 

Get ready for Prima Dora to be your new favorite shop in Austin!

You can find just about anything quirky and unique that is 100% ATX at Prima Dora.  From the usual shirts and stickers, to books on Austin’s history, art work, cards,  and snarky homegoods (my personal fave!), this is your one stop shop. 

Along with an inspired inventory, one of the most unique features of Prima Dora is that over 70% of their inventory comes from local, Austin artists and makers.

Over 70% of Prima Dora's inventory comes from local artists & makers in Austin.

The staff at Prima Dora are very helpful.  If you can’t find a shirt in your size that you just can’t leave Austin without, let them know and they’ll look for your size.  Mention you love Keith Haring, and like magic someone pulls a box full of stickers of that artist’s work (ACTUAL thing that happened once when we visited! I felt like it was my birthday!)

So when you’re ready for a shopping experience like none other in Austin, just head down South Congress and look for the big red tulip that leads you to Prima Dora!

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