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Truluck's Austin Downtown

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300 Colorado Street, Suite 100

(512) 482-9000

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Truluck's Austin Downtown # 13 Austin Restaurant
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Established in 1992 with the opening of its first location in Houston, TX, Truluck’s is proud to be privately held and fiercely independent. Truluck’s was designed to create memorable dining experiences, offering guests the ocean’s finest sustainably sourced seafood, remarkable cocktails and wines and the most hospitable service both inside the restaurant and in our communities.

Enjoy fresh fish at Truluck's.
The menu features a tantalizing array of Truluck’s signature dishes and cherished guest favorites, such as fresh-but-never-frozen Florida Stone Crab Claws, succulent Miso-Glazed Sea Bass, served alongside delectable crab fried rice and a refreshing chilled cucumber slaw. Other standout selections include the Sesame Seared Tuna, Prime King Crab, and South African Lobster Tails, among others. Moreover, the menu will be enriched by periodic offerings of the finest, seasonally available seafood delicacies from around the globe, each flown in fresh, ensuring a truly ocean-to-table experience.

Happy Hours is 4:30pm-6:00pm seven nights a week with 50% off all liquor and 50 wines at 50% off in the bar area.

The Wine Menu at Truluck's Downtown
For those with a passion for the grape, Truluck's wine program has been recognized with Wine Spectator Magazine's Award of Excellence. Truluck’s is proud to offer wines that are the result of remarkable growers providing grapes grown with meticulous attention to detail and lavish care.The crowning touch? Unparalleled customer service that will make your evening unforgettable. 

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