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Eberly # 5 Austin Restaurant
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Loretta Adams Last updated on Nov 20, 2023 by

This South Lamar sanctuary has a lot going on behind the ivy covered walls. The stories are as rich as the food and a trip here entails much more than just eating a meal. Expect to be surrounded by history and craft all the way from the food, to the furniture, and down to each door and wall tile. The owners have created a sense of mystery, whimsy, and wonder in these dining halls and each area has its own sensational set up. Let the folks at Eberly welcome you into this warm restaurant escape and venture into their menu.
Discover Everything at Eberly

First and foremost, when dining at Eberly one should learn the origin of this lovely name. If you ever see the powerful statue of the woman lighting off a cannon, right at Congress and 6th, that would be Lady Angelina Eberly. She made a name for herself in 1842 by firing that cannon to alert the town and ward off raiders, blasting a hole in a building and successfully protecting Austin’s status as the capital city. This restaurant lives by this special and strong legacy, serving to preserve and share precious pieces of history in everything they do.

From: A Texas Scrap-Book by Baker

Enter into a warehouse of worlds. Every element of this building was curated methodically from repurposed antiques, local artists, and family collections. Through the main dining hall you will find an industrial yet warm and romantic scene with a timeless bar and a story or artist behind each concrete tile. As you enter, you won’t be able to miss The Study. This sensational skylit greenhouse study has been voted one of the most beautiful dining rooms in the nation and it certainly deserves it. Throw a fantastical dinner party in this plant filled picturesque paradise, surrounded by books actually pulled from a family member’s professorial study.

The Study & the haunted historic speakeasy lounge

Beyond the front halls lies a historic (and said to be haunted) speakeasy style lounge. Host your next event in this spooky space. When you’re at the bar in the back, you’re literally beyond the looking glass of Eberly’s pride and joy. The star of the show here is the old and famous Cedar Tavern bar. Head to the big bar in the back and teleport into Manhattan. They’ve built this space to showcase the mahogany marvel that magically sits here, all the way from the heart of New York City. Many citizens and celebrities alike have bellied up to this breathtaking bar over her lifetime since 1866. When the original Cedar Tavern closed in 2006, there was a competitive race to obtain this tavern treasure. Lucky for Austin, the Eberly owners had spent time themselves at this bar top and won out because they sought to keep her within public access. Ask them someday to tell you the story of how they shipped this behemoth of a bar all the way down from the East Coast. Make sure you get a glimpse of the glittering original Tiffany stained glass cabinet doors.

It's Tiffany!

Backing up the beautiful atmosphere is even better food and drink. Start off with a plate of buttery oysters for the table, served with an amazing mignonette and homemade hot sauce. Standing out on the starter menu is the Kanpachi Crudo, a mouthwatering citrus and sashimi dish with an umami rich sauce. Their Beef Tartare was ten out of ten and memorably melt-in-your-mouth. Our favorite from the appetizers were the Steamed Mussels, and this portion could easily be an entire entrée. Served with a rich and savory green curry broth and spicy peppers, easily the best mussels I’ve ever had.

Raw Food Power!

Sweeping us off our feet was their Salmon, this dish will hook you and reel you in for more. Perfectly cooked salmon rests on a creamy and crunchy bed of rice and grilled broccoli. Served with trout roe and an inexplicably flavorful chive beurre blanc sauce. I’ll be thinking about this masterpiece plate for a long time. If you aren’t a fan of surf, you can’t go wrong with the popular Duroc Porkchop. This comes out peachy, plump, and smothered with a hearty mix of fennel, purple hue peas, and succulent sauce. Eberly’s food is sure to blow you away as clear as Lady Angelina herself.

Cocktails here are creative and as well crafted as the rest of what you’ll find. If you need a pick-me-up, they’ll deliver you an immaculately rich and foamy Espresso Martini. Another vibrant vodka option is the pinky Paris Review with a grapefruit citrus flavor and light herbal notes. If you’re into herbal flavors and gin based drinks, check out their Beyond the Pines. Some folks stay away from sweet and Eberly still has your back. Try the Charging Bull to get a more savory take on a classic cocktail; bourbon, bitters, and a lip-smacking smoky mushroom salt rim.

Savor These Sips

Don’t discount anything you see at Eberly, nothing was put in place by coincidence. They’ve made sure that substance and style makes an appearance anywhere you find yourself… even in the bathrooms! Recently, they were even voted as having the Best Bathroom in Austin and this is another well deserved rank. Visit them to see for yourself what all the talk is about. Book your next meal here and make sure to pay homage to the majestic mahogany.

Huge Thank You to Manager Tommy for the tales and tour.

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