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Intero Ristorante

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2612 E Cesar Chavez St Suite 105


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Intero Ristorante # 3 Austin Restaurant
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Loretta Adams Last updated on Dec 18, 2023 by

Welcome to Intero, one of our city’s best restaurants. Austinites Ian Thurwachter & Krystal Craig have joined their talents to bring us fantastic farm-to-table Italian cuisine with a local touch. These chefs create more than a meal, they synergize accessible ingredients into a symphony of flavor and feeling. It was no surprise to read Thurwachter’s career grew while learning from his father and cooking shows on PBS. I’m instantly reminded of my own childhood, watching Lidia’s Kitchen with my dad as he cooked. Similar to Lidia Bastianich (and my father), Intero embodies a holistic, practical, and transformative culinary process. They create fascinating feasts out of seasonal, locally available foods. Take your date to savor the new yet nostalgic flavors and strive to save room to devour a delectable dessert.

"Intero" meaning entire or whole

Immediately upon entrance you’ll be warmly welcomed by the large, wood-burning brick oven that sits at the front acting as Intero’s hearth. Showing up to eat here feels like having a dinner party catered by a private chef, with food that is rich beyond belief. You’ll get lost in the presentations and the people you’re with, as each dish inspires memories and moods to surface. The atmosphere is spattered with voices and sliding silverware. Bubbling conversations hang in the air until falling silent as everyone takes another beautiful bite. Intero has captured what makes an authentic, superior Italian restaurant and married that with the spirit and assets of Austin.

Romance and bundles of herbs hang in the air

That’s right folks, Intero has an actual brick oven for serving fired up pies. Their pizzas are a perfect size for two to share and come with indulgent toppings. We were recommended the roasted oyster mushroom with cambozola, caramelized onion, and fried rosemary. The crust has a divine dough-to-crunch ratio and each delicious element combines to create a unique piece of ‘za. Try other salivating slices sprinkled with morsels of duck confit, raclette, roasted eggplant and more.

Romeo rotating the dough for our pie

Intero’s dynamic menu is a reflection of the chef’s relationship with their resources and the artisan craft put into every sent plate. They work with at least twenty different farms to source high quality, fresh, and special ingredients. You can try proteins like roasted rabbit, braised duck, and wagyu beef, each complimented in a vivacious variety of colors and taste. The menu changes along with the seasons and available produce, so expect to find different options when you dine.

Roasted squash & a peachy wagyu brisket timballo

We started with roasted heirloom squash and house nduja that came with a delightful sauce and toasted seeds. I was already blown away by that when presented with the second small plate, a large wagyu brisket arancini served with sweet peaches over a pastel sauce. Next was a rustic remix of one of our favorites, ricotta gnocchi. Theirs was served with scrumptious roasted rabbit, zucchini, and pecans topped with gravy and crispy fried sage leaves. For the final entrée we jumped for the redfish, something I don’t normally order when I go out. I’m glad they recommended this as it was some of the best grilled fish I’ve ever had. Every dish sends the palate a satisfying surge of tastes and reminiscent thoughts.

Roasted rabbit and ricotta gnocchi & grilled gulf redfish with okra

Pair your food with one of their many wonderful wine or cocktail options. The staff expertly guided us through a tasting of white and red wine that served as the sherry-on-top of each plate. Test beautiful bottles from all over Italy and beyond or sip on a spirit. The drink menu is full of fun takes on Italian classics and other popular recipes. Pictured is the light roero arneis from Piedmont, Italy and the fluffy Nuvola, a strawberry hibiscus vodka sour topped with a surreal swirl.

Sip and Savor

As mentioned, save room for the grand finale. Krystal Craig is a brilliant chocolatier and pastry chef, bringing a big finish to an already remarkable meal. We tried an elaborate assortment of house made chocolate truffles, each bite was mind melting and my favorite was the Earl Grey. You can’t forget about affogato and Intero serves them good enough for Goldilocks - just right. As if that wasn’t tempting enough, they have more mouthwatering options. You can’t go wrong with cake and ice cream and Intero goes above and beyond with the brown butter cake and cinnamon gelato.

Melt-in-you-mouth moments!

We could barely walk our full bellies out of the restaurant at the end of the night. That is the sign of an authentic Italian joint and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Fill up with good food and good times at Intero.

See y’all there. 

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