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We’re Austin Detours, a locally-owned family business that loves to have fun! We got our start because our mother moved down the street and our mother-in-law would visit for a month at a time. We loved having them around, but wanted them to get out of the house and explore. Then we became envious and wanted get out and have fun too. So we decided we’d make a living having fun. We’re now the largest tour company in Austin and can work with the lone traveler up to corporate groups of 500. No matter what size the group, we want to make sure everyone feels like our good friend, hence our tagline…

“Come as strangers, leave as friends”

A true Austin experience. We provide themed experiences to both locals and visitors. Our tours are the perfect combination of headline Austin and offbeat Austin. Our guides are local artists, musicians, foodies, writers and actors: people who are part of the fabric of the city and offer unique insights and unique facts. We are not your average bus tour. Everyone knows you can’t experience a city by looking out the window so our tours consist of whizzing around town, popping in and out of all the coolest places. 

Experience the real Austin

This “bucket list tour” gives you a city overview in just 2 hours. Major landmarks, lesser known gems that only a local would know about, real neighborhoods, and of course, the food trucks! This is definitely not a typical “van tour.” We drive in Mercedes vans, but you get out at many stops. Along the way we’ll chat about art, music, culture, food, history, parks, famous people, and much more! We’ll also discover secret spots, hear funny stories, and decipher local legends. Make new memories and laugh a ton as we show you how we “Keep Austin Weird.” Finally experience Austin, don’t just see it through a window!

Only $35

Mon & Tues — 10:30am
Wed – Fri — 10:30am & 1:30pm
Saturday — 10:30am, 1:30pm, & 4:30pm
Sunday — 10:30am & 1:30pm

Experience Austin's Live Music

Austin has over 270 live music venues, many of which are outside of downtown and tucked into neighborhoods. Skip cover bands and jam out to authentic music with us all over the city. Along the way, we’ll chat about music history, get the latest scoop on the current music scene, see iconic venues and new clubs on the scene, and get an overview of the city. Our live music tours are led by a local musician.Three hours, 2-3 venues, and still home by 10 or 11 pm! This tour simply rocks! Meet us at Java Jive at the Hilton Hotel.

Only $50

Friday Night             7-10pm
Saturday Night        8-11 pm

**You must be 21 or older to join this tour.

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