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We offer 3 daily Austin bike tours that show you different aspects of downtown Austin.  We also rent bicycles and offer suggestions if you wish to tour Austin on your own.  We ride on trails and sidewalks with a fleet of Torker T-300 bicycles complete with urban cycling gear.  Our bikes have cargo space for discs at the disc golf course, towels and sunscreen at Barton Springs, a few clubs for Butler Park pitch and putt, and your wallet or purse for shopping and dining.  The bikes have speedometer/odometers so you can track your progress.  They also have cages for the clean water bottles and filtered water we provide.

We pick you up and drop you off in our in our van.

Austin Activity Tour

Austin is so active because our activities are so fun! Take a crash course in disc golf, pitch & putt, and stand-up-paddle-boarding. Then relax in the year-round 70 degree spring water of Barton Springs swimming pool. Don't worry, we've got the towels and sunscreen. A bicycle is simply the easiest way to connect all of these activities. Fortunately, there are some very unique shops and sites along the trails we use. See Mellow Johnny's, Lance Armstrong's bicycle store. You have to see Waterloo Records, the store that keeps the Live Music Capitol rockin'. Grab a quick snack at the largest Whole Foods in the world. You'll master Lady Bird, Shoal Creek and Lance Armstrong trails.We usually ride up to 10 miles, which most customers find very manageable. If you need to stop for any reason, no problem! We'll get a shuttle van to pick you up. We provide water on all tours. 

About Bat Watching Tour

Available from March to early November as the bats are a seasonal phenomena.  Watching the bats depart is the #1 tourist attraction in Austin.  We have the largest urban bat colony in the world! But watching bats is only fun for about half an hour. For the other 3 hours of your tour, it's up to you to help your tour guide make some very difficult decisions: out of all the great things we recommend to do, what sounds like the most fun to you? If you're a big bike nut, like us, you might want to see some extra trails as well as the location of the future Austin Bicycle Boulevard near Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop. If you're active, pick a few things from the activities tour. If you want to learn more about the town, tell us what interests you about the sightseeing tour and, ding ding! Off we go.

Bat Watching Tours

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