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Yeti Flagship Store

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220 S. Congress Ave.

(512) 640-7249

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Explore the YETI Flagship Store

YETI’s flagship store elevates the consumer experience by inspiring visitors to go out and explore the wild, capturing a core tenet of the brand in 8,000 square feet.

The space features live entertainment, an expansive indoor/outdoor bar, product customization station, iconic outdoor-themed installations and an array of YETI’s historical artifacts—including prized possessions from founders and Austin locals, Roy and Ryan Seiders.

“The YETI Flagship store is a convergence of the lifestyle we stand for, the products we offer and the community we live in,” said YETI CEO Matt Reintjes. “It’s a gathering spot for locals and out-of-towners to enjoy a cold beer, listen to music, watch a film or learn from a pro.”

Despite its urban setting, the store immerses visitors in the outdoors. Experiential installations pay tribute to a spirit of innovation, risk-taking and individualism revered both by YETI and the Austin community. YETI inspires others to get out there and adventure, while providing products that allow them to go farther and stay longer. The Flagship store takes customers on a journey where they can learn more about the brand and the products they offer.

From an Aaron Franklin built barbecue pit that has been finely tuned in pursuit of smoking  the best brisket, to Flip Pallot’s Hell’s Bay skiff that allows fishermen to navigate shallow stretches of water that were previously impossible, these stories reflect YETI’s passion for constant improvement. A cornerstone of the South Central Waterfront Initiative, the YETI flagship store features a host of events from live music to film screenings and community events.

About YETI

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2006, YETI is a leading premium cooler and drinkware brand. The world’s top hunters, anglers, outdoor adventurers, BBQ pitmasters, and ranch and rodeo professionals trust YETI to stand up to the world’s harshest conditions. For more on the company and its full line of products and accessories.

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