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About Escape the Box
Founders Mark and Aris have created a unique outdoor escape game that is super entertaining and challenging. Plus it's also a great way to see some of Austin's coolest neighborhoods so it works sort of like sightseeing adventure with lots of great photo opps. It's well designed, charming, and a lot of fun.  They feature public games on the weekends, private games daily, and also cater to large parties looking for corporate team building ideas with special prices for non profits. You'll meet up with your game's host and they'll get you started.

Public Games
The public games are offered Saturday and Sunday on South Congress Avenue at 1pm, often credited as the source of the famous mantra of "Keep Austin Weird", and one of the most vibrant areas of town.  Last checked, you can book any party size and join others in the game, but they only run the game if they have at least 4 guests on board for a particular time slot so it helps if you bring a crew. Tickets are $35 for adults and $25 for kids.

Escape the Box
Private Games
They also feature private games for groups of 4 or more. These are nice for bachelor/bachelorette parties, family outings, birthdays, and other groups of 4 - 20. With a private party you get the choice of 1pm and 3:30pm time slot plus you can choose other areas of town with a Rainey Street and East 6th Street games in addition to South Congress.  Prices are a little more at $50 per person because of the exclusivity.

Team Building and Non Profit
Similar to the above in terms of the adventure, they also cater to large groups for team building events and non profit organizations.  You have to contact them directly to arrange these bookings and details.

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