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About Austin's Rainey Street District
Austin's Rainey Street District has grown immensely since the first bar opened back in 2009. It has since become one of the cities hottest night life scene. In just half a mile you can find bar after bar, each with its own personality catering to a different crowd. Whether you want to sit back and relax over a cold beer or enjoy a nice whisky, the Rainey Street District features some of the best bars in Austin.

Food Trucks on Rainey Street

Restaurants in Austin's Rainey Street District

Banger's Sausage House and Beer Garden

Sausage lovers and beer drinkers rejoice! Banger's Sausage House and Beer Garden is here. Featuring over 30 kinds of sausage, including a few vegetarian and exotic options, and 103 beers on tap. Banger's Sausage and Beer Garden offers a relaxed environment with a spacious outdoor seating area, a stage for live music, a fenced in yard for your dog to play off leash, and of course great food and beer. 

Great Bars in Austin's Rainey Street District

Icenhauer's offers patrons a cozy indoor bar area and a large back patio, perfect for those beautiful evening Austin has to offer. The menu showcases an extensive selection of specialty drinks, as well as a great selections of wines, imported and domestic beers. Icenhauer's is a great place to enjoy a few drinks with friends in a laid back environment. Take a peak at there lady-named drinks and happy hour!


Javelina was modeled after some of the cities best ice houses and historic dance halls. The menu features local brews in both draft and can, specialty cocktails, and a great selection of wine as well as a simple menu with some classic bar food. Javelina is a rustic Ice house with plenty of outdoor seating area and great drink.

Lustre Pearl
Lustre Pearl was the first bar to open on Rainey Street, with its unveil back in 2009. The renovated house turned bar has several different rooms perfect for mingling, each with a few seats and plenty of standing room. The front yard is equipped with tables and chairs, as well as a ping pong table that doubles as a beer pong table. Lustre Pearl offers every kind of drink imaginable, from the classic ice cold beer to their unique specialty cocktails. 

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