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Electric Shuffle

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91 Red River St STE 102

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Loretta Adams Last updated on Jun 11, 2023 by

Say goodbye to the haphazard game of shuffleboard in the back of that loud busy bar and slide into Electric Shuffle. Here your party can eat, drink, and mingle while playing a well organized shuffleboard tournament. Bring your friends and family to celebrate or gather your coworkers for some electric team building time. Decadent drinks, great games, and a fantastic family style menu make Electric Shuffle the perfect place for your next party. They offer group packages and private shuffleboard rooms, bold brunch deals, events, and a stirring Happy Hour! If you aren’t in the zone to play you can just stop by for some shockingly good drinks inside or outside at The Flamingo and Dog Sunset Bar. Whether getting into the games or getting to know someone, you’ll be welcomed and sure to have good times. Here is what to expect when you boogie down to Electric Shuffle.

Our private shuffleboard room - The Study


Find yourself shuffling into a clean and classy, art deco style lounge with a unique modern spin. The sand here isn’t under your feet, it’s on the abundance of shuffleboard tables. They have themed party rooms with warm lighting, plants, and antique decor along with other areas throughout the venue with game tables, bar seating, and room to mingle. If you have a large lineup you might book your session in The Studio, a music inspired room with vintage sound equipment on the walls and two game tables. They hosted my friends and I in The Study, where we found riveting old Slavic patent posters and photographs of women in STEM. Alongside all the blasts from the past you then get an impressively well made, computerized shuffleboard system that still feels and plays exactly like traditional tables.

Warm and Welcoming Vibes at Electric Shuffle

Game Play

This was probably the first time I’ve ever completed a proper shuffleboard match. I’ve often played with friends where either the score or the table is poorly kept. Not Here. Electric Shuffle makes it easy and exciting for even a large group (10-30+ people) to play a completely organized and friendly, yet competitive game. Their table systems will help you make teams, keep score, and walk everyone through each step of the tournament. They have different game modes to try out and you can slide at your own pace. If someone makes a high score, everyone gets to see an instant replay reel of the moment and all these highlights are sent out in a link at the end of the night. We were surprised by how invested everyone got in the competition. It was fantastic fun cheering for the wins and gasping at the major upsets. My friends and I (win or loss) all left agreeing that this was one of THE BEST group nights out we had ever been to.
Faces of focus looking down the sandy table...

Food & Drink 

Compete while you eat and sip all evening long. The cocktails here are creative, well crafted, and a MUST TRY. Our first favorite was the Mambo No.5; vodka with strawberry, hibiscus, ginger, and garnished with thyme that you can smell as you drink. Our incredible server, Hannah, recommended The Electric Slide which comes out with the Electric Shuffle logo brightly printed on top of a pink frothy prickly pear vodka sour. We tried the Spicy Lucy margarita, a Happy Hour favorite featuring their house-infused jalapeño tequila, and she quickly had us going back for more. Another Happy Hour hit is the Frozen Aperol Spritz, loved for its smooth texture and light refreshing flavor. My personal top picks were the Notorious F.I.G. Mule with fig-infused vodka and the sweet and dangerously delicious Salted Caramel Espresso Martini (which can also be found on their Happy Hour). Dare I say, this is one of the top Espresso Martinis in town!

Mambo No.5 , Electric Slide, & Notorious F.I.G. Mule

Happy Hour Favorites!

When the food came out it didn’t last long, everything was flavorful and satisfying. They have a ton of great shareable options, even for those who are looking for vegetarian or gluten free plates. We started with the cheesy Classic Margherita Pizza Paddle (vegetarian), these pizzas are mouthwatering and made with great ingredients. For a mix of the small plates, try their Sharing Platters; we had the Sampler No. 1 that came with five options to snack on. Their shishito peppers are elite and some of the best I’ve had, the truffle mac & cheese bites are rich and addictive, and their fruity take on the spring roll is light and refreshing. Come in for a drink, stay for the game, and share some gourmet grub with your crew.

Fabulous food for everyone to share!

I had a chance to bond with my coworkers and best friends in a fresh and fulfilling way. We laughed, groaned, cheered, yelled, jumped, and clutched each other in anticipation for the next big moment on the board. Pucks were knocked off and betrayals were solved with a few sips of the Trophy Cup (which we ordered before we even started playing… what's the fun in waiting??). You’ll have to go check them out for yourself, as they say “You gotta feel it… it’s electric!”.

Good Times with Great People

See y’all there soon!

Special Thanks To:

Andi Benson and the Electric Shuffle Team
Our sparkling server Hannah 
Alli, Alex, Sarah, Matt, Amy, Rebecca, & Casey

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