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Mort Subite

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308 Congress Ave.

(512) 861-5044

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Mort Subite # 7 Austin Bar
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Loretta Adams Last updated on Jul 28, 2023 by

Austin’s only Belgian Bar, Mort Subite, might surprise you. Home to one of the city’s BEST food trucks, Out of Nowhere, and located on Congress and 3rd just blocks from the Capitol. Here is where you’ll indulge in brews from across Belgium, served following proper tradition. Enjoy some of the world’s boldest and best beers and save room for food. Mort Subite stands alone, a unique experience they are proud to share. For a marvelous moment, they will take you back and transport you to a different place and time. Let the masters at Mort Subite work their magic and head there to get a taste.

"Mort Subite" meaning "Sudden Death" (a dice game)

Haul open the hearty wood door and wander into Mort Subite’s quaint and quirky beerhouse. You’ll find a welcoming seat waiting for you, gracious staff, and a charming atmosphere. They have bar seating, front and back patios, and tables with an art gallery for purchase on the wall above giving the space a comfortable and cafe-esque vibe. While you sip, scan the shelves to find Marcel and the other Chouffe gnomes or spot the notorious Delirium pink elephant. These familiar mascots give insight to the story and craft behind each beer.

Claire preparing a fresh foamy Duvel

Drinking a Belgian brew is more than thirst quenching recreation. You’re participating in traditions passed down through hundreds of years of brewing culture. Every brand and recipe will be presented in its own distinct glass, some stranger than you’d expect. The differing shapes and sizes are said to enhance taste and experience and some have unusual upbringings. Kwak, for example, is served in what looks like a tall, round bottomed laboratory flask, and it stands mounted on a wooden base with a handle. This is called a “Coachmen’s Glass” and it developed from Napoleon era laws that prevented coach drivers from going into bars with passengers and thus had to stay on board. They still deserve a drink, so they created a glass that could be securely attached to the jostling horse carriages like a cup holder with a large lip to stop spills, and that shape stuck! In this way, history lives on through each foamy topped goblet.

You wanna Kwak and Talk?

Out of Nowhere

Julie brings joy and creativity to every dish!

Smashing burgers out back are the Out of Nowhere chefs. This tucked away food truck is serving up gourmet grub that will fill your belly and linger on your mind. Julie Colca runs the small kitchen like a five star eatery and is constantly adding fun specials and new dishes to the menu. Their new Spicy Italian is one of the best sandwiches I have ever had and the smash burgers go above and beyond. Satisfy your stomach with salivating wings, cheesy curds, and top tier truffle fries. Even the owners here can’t get enough of the scrumptious snacks and charcuterie (so you know they’ve got it going on). Get up and get Out of Nowhere.

"Wonderful dreams, wonderful schemes from Nowhere"

Travel downtown to Mort Subite and take a tasting tour of Belgium’s finest. They have weekday happy hours and plenty of tap options to choose from. Finish the trip with an Underberg, the ultimate digestif, and remember to save the tops!

The best way to enjoy an Underberg!


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