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Lustre Pearl

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94 Rainey Street

(512) 469-0400

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About the Lustre Pearl

The Lustre Pearl was the first bar to open its doors on Rainey Street, back in 2009. The Bar features a cozy interior and plenty of outdoor seating with a ping pong table that doubles as a beer pong table, a Foosball table, a retro jukebox, hula hoops, and even a food truck to crave those late  night munchies. Lustre Pearl makes you feel as if you where in someones house party, with a laid back crowd in a fun environment, its the perfect addition to Austin's nightlife scene.

A Sample of the Menu at Lustre Pearl
The Lustre Pearl includes a a variety of of bottled beers and drink specials like the White Bread; a Miller Lite and a shot of Jager and the Black Eye; a Shiner Bock and a shot of Jack Daniels. Beers include; Pearl, Coors Original, Modelo Especial, and Tecate. The Lustre Pearl also has a food truck on site, Bomb Tacos, to satisfy your late night craving.

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