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Museum of the Weird

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412 E 6th St

(512) 476-5493

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Loretta Adams Last updated on Jul 14, 2024 by

This mystical museum will blow your mind without leaving a crater in your wallet. An authentically Austin adventure that is accessible and eccentric, Museum of the Weird is Austin's take on the traditional “dime museum” like the ones P.T. Barnum popularized in the 1800’s. You won’t want to miss the unique sights to be seen here. The museum is located downtown in the Historic Sixth Street District and home to many things most couldn’t imagine. Throw your expectations aside and anticipate something stranger. Go see for yourself and you’ll soon believe in the Weird like we locals do. 

In checking out this fantastic museum, you’ll be supporting the deep local history that lead to this collection. Owners Steve and Veronica Busti shared about opening their Lucky Lizard Curios & Gifts shop and that, "Some of the oddities in the store were just too weird and too interesting to justify selling," and rather are now poised for public viewing. Safe to say that visitors are grateful for the opportunity to gaze on the ghastly.

Here Be Monsters...

Museum of the Weird has a remarkable range of things to see and learn about. Everything from authentic preserved body parts, animals, and creepy relics of history to a horror movie monster-based wax museum. Walk at your own pace and explore the uncanny and unbelievable world of the weird. Wandering around the narrow halls and the historic cobblestone open air stairwell in back gives a romantic yet hair-raising atmosphere to the tour. Make sure to go upstairs to the freak show and to the special Iceman exhibit where you’ll find something (or someone) encased in a massive ice coffin. 

See what lies beyond for yourself!

These folks have set up an incredibly eerie and engrossing experience that is sure to shock and satisfy. This museum is the combined force of over 20 years in the oddity business and the owners have mastered the mysterious. Look for the classic Lucky Lizard gift shop sign on 6th street and head inside.

With a wacky and suitably weird selection in the gift shop and tickets to enter that are all UNDER $13, Museum of the Weird is well worth the visit. Head in during business hours and you can buy tickets at the counter. It takes about 30 minutes to tour the museum (at least) with multiple areas and hallways to peruse. When you’re done they recommend getting food and drinks at Casino El Camino, a haunted burger bar with a similar interior atmosphere.

See y'all there.

Mon-Thurs: 10am-7pm
Fri-Sun: 10am-9pm

Adults: $12.99
Kids (Under 8): $8.99 

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