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Mount Bonnell in Austin, TX is one of Austin's oldest tourist attractions being documented as far back as 1850. It is the highest point within Austin City Limits at 785 feet. It's actually a little smaller than Mt. Larson directly across from Mt. Bonnell is technically not located Austin, but the city of West Lake Hills. It offers great views of downtown, a pleasant yet manageable hike up some stairs, a charming outdoor area for picnics in the sun, and some great views of Pennybacker Bridge (also known as 360 bridge). The area is a short hike from the road and there is no entrance fee. It has a curfew that limits visitors to the hours of 5am to 10pm.

View the sunset at Mount Bonnell.

A Romantic Side Note About Mt Bonnell in Austin
There is a legend that Mount Bonnell was once called Antoinette's Leap, named after a damsel who leaped to her death to avoid capture from Indians that killed her lover, who fought to his death to defend her. Now generally considered safe, Mount Bonnell is one of the most romantic locations in Austin. Lovers: keep your heads clear and avoid walking too close to the cliffs! Parents should keep an eye on their children as well.
Two Cool Ways to Learn More About Austin
1. Haunted ATX Limo Tours
If you're looking to explore Austin, we like to highlight a few of our favorite ways to check out our lovely city. Haunted ATX offers haunted limo tours in an old Cadillac hearse that has been converted into a limo. You and 5 to 7 friends (depending on your height and weight) can climb into their limo and visiting 10+ destinations around Austin that are reportedly haunted. These destinations include the upscale Driskill Hotel with all it's glorious charm and style, The Tavern restaurant on Lamar Blvd, The Clay Pit restaurant located in the Bertram building, the Littlefield house on UT campus, and a few other haunting sites along the way. It's a great way to see Austin and their colorful tour guides deliver the perfect mix of chilling stories, Austin history, and local lore along the way. They offer regular tickets for $45 per person or VIP tickets (private tours) for $99 per person. 
2. Austin Duck Adventures Land and Water Tours
One of Austin's most popular tours, Austin Duck Adventures tours are available all year long minus a few holidays. The tour consists of a spin around downtown Austin in an amphibious vehicle that drives right into Lake Austin making a big splash that the kids love. It includes a trip down historic 6th street, a pass by the State Capitol, and the Governor's Mansion, before splashing into Lake Austin. You’ll drive into West Austin which hosts many of the nicer homes in town, see Austin’s favorite lake side dining the Hula Hut, and drive back along the premiere Hike and Bike trail that wraps around Lady Bird lake on the way back all while being entertained by the captain’s stories that cater to adults and children alike. 

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