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Turkey Creek Off Leash Trail

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1670 City Park Rd

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The Turkey Creek off leash hiking trail is located in West Austin in the Emma Long Metropolitan Park. It is a 2.8 mile long trail that is considered a 'lollipop' loop. It is an easy to moderate difficulty with about 200 feet of elevation gain. The trail head is hard to miss, as theres signs along City Park road. The parking lot is a decent size but it does fill up on weekends, and there are even dog bags incase you forgot yours at home!

Backcountry Feel Just 20 Minutes from Downtown

The first thing I notice when heading to Turkey Creek is the backcountry feel while driving down City Park Rd. The winding road is engulfed in thick woods to either side and really sets the tone for an outdoor day of adventure. You'll pull off to the right hand side into the parking lot, its hard to miss as there are signs on the road indicating the trail head. Turkey Creek Trail starts out rocky and rooty and this continues throughout so keep an eye on your footing! Once you reach the trail, you will be hiking along it for about a mile. This crystal clear creek is flowing year round and has multiple little water falls which are perfect for your pups to cool off, especially on a hot summer day. Eventually you split from the trail and start your ascent. Don't worry, its not to steep and reaching the top you get some beautiful views of the Texas hill country. Soon you will be winding back down towards the creek and stay parallel with it for the rest of the hike.
Is That a Husky or a Wolf? Jk, No Wolves Here!

All in all, Turkey Creek is a beautiful hike that will make you swear you are deep in the wilderness while still being a quick drive to downtown. It is also one of the few actual off leash dog trails in the city of Austin. While it may be short for some, the hill country views absolutely make it worth checking out the next time you are looking to take a hike.

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