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4710 E 5th Street

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Justine's # 31 Austin Restaurant
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At Justine's you can enjoy authentic French cuisine and specialty cocktails in a small cottage house with a French Bistro feel. Located in east Austin it is one of the the city's best kept secret, where locals love to go and visitors love to discover it. Justine's offers an extremely memorable dining experience where you can escape and just sit and relax over a wonderful meal. 
 "The entrees at Justine's are simple in preparation and execution. But the flavors, as is the key to great French fare, are riveting." - Rob Balon, Food Network. 

The Ambiance at Justine's Austin
Justine's is Austins very own French bistro, its a small cute house that was converted into a French bistro inside. The small white house has white Christmas lights shining at night to brighten the out door seating area. The interior is dim lit, intimate, and as authentically French as you can get in Austin.

A Sample of the Menu at Justine's Austin

Les Amuse - gueles (Appetizers)
Escargots à la Bourguignonne
with a parsley butter sauce

Saumon Cru
Big Glory Bay salmon, horseradish, lemon, green onion, crème fraîche, with baguette chips

Les Soupes et Salades
Soupe à l'Oignon
the classic French onion soup

Salaade d'Endives Poire Roquefort
Belgian endives, pear and roquefort salad with roasted beets, walnuts, butter lettuce and a classic vinaigrette

Les Plats (Entrees)
Steak Frites
11oz grass-fed Angus rib-eye wood fire grilled

Côtes de Porc
brined Duroc pork chop grilled with a thyme reduction and served with sage patatos au gratin

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