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Launderette # 26 Austin Restaurant
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Jane Mesa Last updated on Sep 20, 2022 by

My husband and I decided to check out Launderette’s Friday Lunch Service. Their name is a portmanteau of “Luncheonette” (a small, informal restaurant) and “Laundromat”; a nod to the building's previous chapter; giving one the idea that when they enter they’re going to be in for a retro good time.  Launderette is also open for brunch and daily dinner. Brunch is on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:15 pm and by reservation only. We made a reservation for lunch and would definitely recommend making a reservation if you choose to eat here for dinner. Arriving a little before our time slot, the hostess directed us to a side smaller, outdoor seating area. When our time came, we were seated in the corner of the main dining area along a wall of banquette seating. There’s also a covered patio in front of Launderette with lots of comfortable seating and pillows.   

Light, airy, and perfect for a lunch date!

We began our order with 2 oat milk iced lattes. These were large sized, strong, and came with color changing straws! I won’t lie, the addition of the color changing straws drew up a special nostalgia in me that was perfect for the venue. We also ordered a couple of mimosas. The orange juice in this cocktail was fresh squeezed and full of pulp. I usually wouldn’t opt for a pulpier juice for a cocktail, but this was a textural surprise that added to the mimosa’s bright flavors. Next time I visit, I want to try a drink called “On Holiday” that combines vodka, watermelon, lime, and serrano pepper.

Don't skip on the Burrata or the Deviled Eggs!

For our appetizers we ordered the Burrata and the Deviled Eggs. Both of these came highly recommended by friends who’d eaten at Launderette and proved to be great choices. Burrata is a semi soft Italian cheese made from cream & mozzarella. Launderette’s Burrata comes with brown butter balsamic, basil oil, hoja santo, and candied pistachios along with toasted brown bread. The creamy cheese, tangy balsamic, and sweet candied pistachios were like getting all the best flavors of the Mediterranean in one bite. The bread that came with this dish could have been a bit more toasted for my personal taste, but I tend to like bread to be a little more on the dark end of the toast spectrum. The deviled eggs were also a delightful flavor surprise. I don’t usually enjoy deviled eggs, but they came so highly recommended that I had to try them. I’m grateful to say the ingredient that’s been missing in my previous deviled egg endeavors has been black truffle! Black truffle is a tuber mushroom that adds a flavorful earthiness to any dish. They also came with crispy pancetta and fennel. The fennel and the black truffle played very well together on the palate.

Launderette has something for the classic and the curious.

Our entrees were just as much of a flavor adventure as our appetizers had been. I opted for the Black Rice Bowl and the Sticky Brussels Sprouts. The rice bowl was a beautiful combination of labneh (a middle eatern cheese with a yogurt consistency), crispy skin salmon, ginger carrots, puffed wild rice, and upland cress. The plating was beautifully colorful. The salmon was perfectly cooked and the crispy skin added a great texture to the dish. The Sticky Brussels Sprouts are served family style and the portion is easily enough for 2-4 people to split. It comes with apple bacon marmalade, roasted sliced almonds, pickled apple, and topped with pecorino cheese. Each component complimented the other so well. The tartness of the pickled apple juxtaposed with the sweet and salty flavors of the bacon marmalade was so delicious it will haunt my dreams for years to come. My husband ordered the Fried Chicken Sammie with Frites (also known as  fries). The Frites came with 2 sauces: a garlic aioli and a spicy manzano sauce. Both sauces were great individually, but they also mix well for a whole new level of sweet, creamy, and spicy flavors. The Fried Chicken Sammie was served on challah bread and topped with coriander poblano slaw and piparra peppers. The slaw was creamy, spicy and mingled well with the sweet heat of the piparras. The breading of the sandwich was nicely seasoned while the chicken was moist and delicious. Definitely a classic upon which Launderette has placed their signature.

I can’t want to go back for dinner, especially the desserts! One thing I will be ordering next time is the Root Beer Semifreddo. This desert has flavors of hazelnut, orange, rum, and miso caramel. I’ve also heard their pastry of the day is not to be missed. The menu does rotate frequently, so any time you choose to go to Launderette your tastebuds will be delighted. 

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