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2025 E 7th St

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APT 115 # 38 Austin Restaurant
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Loretta Adams Last updated on Dec 15, 2023 by

Under the 7East Apartments sits APT 115. This is not your average first floor residence, but one of Austin’s best restaurants. Truly capturing the spirit of Austin and fine dining all into one small but mighty eatery. Chef Charles Zhuo has transformed this worldly wine bar into a supreme supper spot. There is more going on than it may seem at APT 115…

Chef Zhuo personally prepares each and every plate!

This space began as the model apartment for the 7East building. Once all the units were sold, the model was transformed. Joseph Pannenbacker, Austin born wine lover and musician, then brought us 115. Originally, this started as a homey lounge where Austin folks could try wine and listen to music. Joe developed the selection with passion and precision, bringing in the best bottles from all around the world. About two years ago, they chose to expand the concept and bring in a chef, Charles Zhuo. Pannenbacker and Zhuo are a dining dream team.

Sit at the tasting bar to watch Chef Zhuo at work!

Every detail of this space is in line with the same level of care and comfort that they've brought to the menu. Each square foot is uniquely used and the small space has become a whole world of its own. While you feast you’ll gaze upon the vast wall of wine and directly over the counter into the kitchen where Zhuo studiously crafts each course. Pannenbacker has infused 115 with his music taste as well, so when you dine you’ll be serenaded by classic vinyl records. Joe and the staff have brought in albums from their own collections to occupy the airwaves, making this restaurant feel even more like an extension of home. Enhancing this scene is the staff’s clockwork collaboration. They never skip a beat with anything the guests or Chef need, including flipping those albums to the B Side.

Every bite is an entire experience!

To eat here is to take a mystifying journey through the menu. One can not help expressing the excitement felt with each unique, shocking, and delicious dish.  Faces light up, jaws drop, and surprised chuckles ring in the air as food is presented. Everything on the menu is more than it seems. Chef Zhuo turns simplicity on its head and transforms tradition. Courses come resting on extraordinary plates and land on the palate unpredictably well. With ever evolving recipes, we highly recommend the Chef’s Tasting Menu. Listed descriptions of each item are minimal and this preserves the mystery and magic that comes out of this kitchen. Expect the unexpected at 115.

Gorgeous and gourmet glasses of vino!

Pairing alongside each round are some of the best glasses of wine you’ll get in town. This selection consists of small batch bottles from around the world, all curated through environmentally friendly transport. Try zesty skin contact wine like Maturana’s Naranjo from Chile. Sip on crisp stonefruit white such as the Outis by Sicilian Ciro Biondi. Personal favorite of the night was the Vignoble Edmond Latour Vacqueyras 2020 red from the Rhone Valley that paired perfectly with the rich goat meat.

Saffron Crab, Rabbit Soup Dumpling, & Black Truffle Consommé

Spiced Goat Leg with a shot of bone marrow gravy & biscuits, YUM!

Expand your palate with uncommon cuisine and taste plates like jellyfish, rabbit, and antelope tartare. Served on an iron octopus and each more succulent than the last, the seafood samples made a satisfying statement. The rabbit soup dumplings were literally bursting with flavor. We were blown away by the melt in your mouth antelope sliders that made all our eyes light up with joy. Favorite of the night was the spiced goat leg take on biscuits and gravy. This stew was a savory explosion of flavor with deliciously tender meat and it came presented with biscuits in an adorable mini Dutch oven. Dessert was just as whimsical as the rest. We felt like kids again pouring sweet potato cereal into a bowl and adding a carton of milk. I even got a prize at the bottom of the cereal bag! You’ll have to go on this adventure yourself to discover the rest, no more spoilers!

Honey ice cream and Sweet Potato Cereal

Travel through the looking glass at APT 115 for a fantastic fine dining experience. Here you’ll find that familiarity is infused with scrumptious secrets waiting to take you by surprise. Trust that this family won’t steer you wrong and go visit the folks at APT 115.

Major Thanks to Chef Charles Zhuo, Joseph Pannenbacker, Deborah, David, and Riley for this marvelous meal.

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