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Buenos Aires Cafe

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1201 East 6th Street

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Buenos Aires Cafe # 11 Austin Restaurant
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Loretta Adams Last updated on Oct 01, 2023 by

Buenos Aires Café is located in the heart of Austin’s nightlife district on East Sixth Street. For nearly twenty years, owner and chef Reina Morris and her team have enriched this community with family recipes, authentic Argentinian food, and locally sourced seasonal ingredients. One only needs to head a few blocks down E 6th St. to take a tasting trip to South America. There are generations of love and care put into these recipes and the flavors reflect that with every bite.
An Argentine Escape

Food here is more than just fuel; it is truly transformative, inspiring, and worth savoring. The restaurant buzzes with charming chatter from every table. Each taste triggers fond memories and has everyone bouncing between bites and glowing conversation. Warm lighting, flowers on the tables, and framed decor are some aspects of the cafe that invite you in like going to a family dinner. Buenos Aires is cherished in this city and rightfully so.

Make sure to show up hungry!

You can’t eat here without trying one of their classic Empanadas. We had the popular Carne Suave with a faultless ground beef based filling and they also have chicken, tuna, and more! Try extraordinary appetizers like the Provoleta charred provolone skillet or order some of the huge portioned sides. The sign of a top tier restaurant is perfecting Crispy Brussel Sprouts the way they have here with a beautiful balance of crunchy, smooth, and saucy. Their Polenta ended up being one of our favorites of the night, coming with a mouthwatering marinara and chunky parmesan. Our magnificent server Magui recommended we try the traditional Canelones Caseros herb crepes stuffed with spinach and cheese and smothered with Béchamel. This was a huge portion and so satisfying we had to restrain from filling up before the next course.

MUST TRY meats!

From the grill, Magui guided us to the Churrasquito; Prime Argentine strip loin. This was simple yet stunningly succulent. As tradition calls for, food here is served with Chimichurri sauce. Packed with savory flavor and fresh ingredients, their Chimi is absolutely 10/10 (especially if you’re a garlic lover!). My undoubted favorite plate from the night was the Martimonio. We were blown away by this coupling of their housemade Bratwurst and the Morcilla, an Argentine black sausage. Pig blood is what gives this sausage its deep purple to black color. Although it might sound a bit gruesome, this gourmet link was the BEST sausage I have ever enjoyed. That alone will have you running back for more and the entire menu is worthy of a trip.

Satisfy your sweet tooth!

To complete a superlative South American meal like this one, you can’t go wrong with the Flan de Buenos Aires. This traditional Porteño flan is smooth, sweet, and nostalgic. I’m reminded of growing up and visiting family friends in East Austin to watch them flip the flan pan. Break the crust and indulge in their popular Spicy Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee. Don’t forget to check out what the bakery case has to offer!

Pisco Sour (top left), Old Argentine (bottom right)

Along with the incredible food we enjoyed some delightful drinks. Sip on a popular Pisco based cocktail like a Martini or their Yerba Mate Pisco Sour, which can only be properly described as -yummy. The Old Argentine is a MUST TRY for rum drinkers. Guava juice and cava make this drink shockingly delicious and it was a quick favorite. If you prefer your sips a little less fruity, try the Diablo Azul; Mezcal or Tequila based with dry curacao, yellow chartreuse, and bitters. Another standout was the Vino Naranja, this orange sauvignon blanc had a lovely light flavor that paired perfectly with the food. Hit your next HAPPY HOUR here and get a sip of their famous house-made Gardelita red sangria and enjoy other great drink deals. Monday to Friday 3:00-6:00 pm.

Buenos Aires is the type of restaurant that brings more than just your meal to the table. Through their flavorful food also comes adventure, memory, romance, and much more. 

Looking for a nightcap and another unique experience? Make a reservation to check out what lies just below the restaurant in the basement… 

We would like to extend major gratitude to the management and staff for taking such good care of us. Thank you to Paola for inviting us for dinner and thank you to our server Magui for her gracious service and top tier recommendations. 

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