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Buenos Aires Cafe

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1201 East 6th Street

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Buenos Aires Cafe # 30 Austin Restaurant
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Jane Mesa Last updated on Oct 17, 2022 by

Buenos Aires Cafe has been a jewel in the crown of Austin's East Side food scene since opening in 2005. This authentic Argentine restaurant offers a range of options to give you a delicious taste of the country's cuisine. It’s small, low-lit, and makes for an excellent date night. We went for an early dinner on a Thursday evening. We tried to get a reservation for the weekend, but they were booked (a great sign!) so I definitely recommend making a reservation if you’re planning on going a little later or on the weekend.

I knew exactly what I wanted to drink to start my experience at Buenos Aires Cafe: The Wölffer Estate Rosé. This rosé is crisp, fruity, with a hint of pear, and slightly acidic. I knew I would be ordering the Gnocchi for my entrée, and I felt like the two would pair well (Spoiler Alert: They TOTALLY did!). My husband, Bert, ordered the Gardelita for his drink. This house made sangria was perfect for a crisp fall evening with notes of citrus and a smooth, spicy, cinnamon influenced finish. 
I'll be dreaming of this spread for years!

For our appetizers, we opted for the Provelita with a side of Morcilla at our server, Alex's,  suggestion. I say this in almost every review, but if a server suggests it, take the recommendation! Morcilla is an Argentine black sausage made with pork blood that also incorporates onions and rice. The Provelita is a charred Argentine provolone topped with tomatoes and herbs. It comes with sliced bread and chimi sauce, which is an oil based sauce with lots of flavorful herbs mixed in, perfect for dipping! Layering the bread, cheese, and sausage then dipping it into the chimi will send you into a Food Utopia from which you’ll never want to escape. The cheese was so good and creamy which mixed well with the spice and flavors of the Morcilla. Since Buenos Aires Cafe is hailed as one of the home of some of the best empanadas in Austin, we also had to split one of those. We opted for the Carne Suave, which is stuffed with ground beef, green onions, raisins, and green olives. Of course your mouth is watering at the thought of that combination of flavors hitting your palate, but imagine it being housed in a perfectly flaky and buttery pastry crust. It’s ok, our minds are also blown by how delicious it was too.

It's a delicious as it is beautifully presented.

I had scoped out the menu before coming so needless to say I was so excited when the Gnocchi slid in front of me and it was everything I had hoped for. This hand made gnocchi comes in three flavors in this dish: pumpkin-cinnamon, sweet potato-chipotle, and potato-herb. The bouquet of flavorful pasta comes tossed with roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, haricots verts, and parmesan cheese. All that and a sauce that’s crema, parsley, red pepper, and a balsamic reduction. This vegetarian dish can also come with an organic chicken breast, which I opted for being the happy omnivore that I am. Bert ordered the Napolitana, which is an ideal order for a “meat-and-potatoes dude” like my husband. This dish is 2 beef cutlets layered with ham, baked mozzarella cheese, and house-made tomato sauce. It also comes with a side of Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and a salad with a slightly sweet, oil based dressing that is red onion forward.

The Spicy Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee is not only delicious, it's ICONIC!

Having more of a savory-tooth, I don’t often order desserts, but when I do there’s a very high bar. The Spicy Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee saw my standards and raised them through the roof. The caramelized sugar on top made the perfect Creme Brulee crackle that fans of this dessert long to hear. The dark chocolate is just the right amount of sweet with a nice spicy finish. It comes topped with fresh strawberries. The crisp flavors of the strawberry combine flawlessly on the palate with the smooth, spicy dark chocolate.

I truly can’t wait to visit Buenos Aires Cafe again. If you’re not in the mood for a whole meal there, definitely stop by for Happy Hour. As much as I enjoyed the food and as great as the prices were, I can easily see Bert and I becoming regulars at this restaurant!

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