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Second Bar + Kitchen

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1108 E 6th St

(512) 364 - 0380

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Second Bar + Kitchen # 10 Austin Restaurant
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Loretta Adams Last updated on Nov 20, 2023 by

Austin has loved Second Bar + Kitchen since their origination right on Congress and 2nd. They quickly became a Downtown staple and many were sad to see that location close. Lucky for us, they’ve found a few new homes and have continued to bring us high end food and service in a comfortable setting. No longer stationed on 2nd Street but still bringing the quality and care we remember. You’ll now find them at the East Austin Hotel and next time you fly you can visit Second Bar + Kitchen in ABIA and wait for your plane in style. Chef Gerard Kenny runs the kitchen on the east side with enthusiasm, skill, and love for each dish. He says that although the name no longer applies to the location, they've evolved the sentiment into something more meaningful; serving incredible food and drinks has become their second nature.

First is the worst... Second is the BEST!

Dining in this modern and fresh space is comfortable and easy going. The sunlight beams through the large windows, peeking out from the gorgeous velvet curtains. Plants and artwork adorn the walls around you making the space feel like home. You can sit at the diner style bar, in the glowing dining room, outside on the cool patio, or upstairs where you’ll find a unique rooftop lounge. Anywhere you decide, you can expect the same top tier service you would find at a formal restaurant. Combining this level of care with a casual and comfortable space is what makes Second Bar + Kitchen truly special.

Warm and Welcoming

Menu items are created from local and seasonal ingredients and they reflect what Austin and the surrounding area has to offer. Chef Gerard has honed in on making food that is not only delicious but also good for your body. You won’t have to leave here with any regrets because everything is fresh, well made, and health driven. SBK has been known for a few staple items and the star of the starters has long been their Black Truffle Pomme Frites with white truffle aioli. Perfectly crunchy on the outside and smooth on the inside with an expertly dosed truffle flavor. Their hummus was heavenly and came with a satisfying spread of garden veggies. Try other smash hit shareables like the baked brie or the shishito peppers.

Fries are a MUST TRY!

Our favorite from what we tried was the Black + Bleu pizza, served with black truffle, bleu cheese, dates, and melt-in-your-mouth pork belly. This pie is a perfect example of the elevated and creative cuisine you’ll find here. Another highlight was the Crab Pansotti. These handmade ravioli, stuffed with buttery crab and topped with bright green nutty pesto, were scrumptious and hard to share! Make sure to order one of their salads to go along with your meal. We had the brilliant Farm To Market with seared salmon, a delicious and large portion served with grilled zucchini and delectable basil dressing. Every item on the menu will be everything and more than you could ask for.

These flavors had us talking for days!

Drinks here are just as well crafted and tasty. Popular on the menu is their Passion Fruit Paloma, an amazingly flavorful mezcal cocktail that still isn’t too sweet. Another stand out is their gingery East Austin Mule-jito which is, as the name implies, a fancy fusion of these familiar favorites. If you like gin, try the pretty and refreshing Empress 75. The true tell of a great bar is, of course, the Espresso Martini. Their Espress Yo-Self is a creamy dream and they give you a choice of mezcal, vodka, or rum.

Indulgent Drinks!

Don’t forget to finish with something sweet. Try the magnificent mango sorbet that comes with a chili lime syrup and coconut crumbles. The combination of the sweet sorbet, lime zest, and the chamoy style syrup makes your mouth water with delight. This was another treat that was hard to put down.

Sweet-n-Sour Scrumptious Treat

Truly a remarkable meal and a wonderful evening. At SBK you are sure to find something you’ll love and probably some flavor pairs you’ve never tried before. Don’t skip out on Second, they’re well worth the visit. Go around sunset and you can enjoy an incredible view on the rooftop, the perfect patio to let all that fabulous food settle. 

See y’all at Second! 

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