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Half Step

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75 1/2 Rainey Street

(512) 391-1877

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The Historic Neighborhood

The Rainey Street neighborhood dates back to 1884 when it was started by Jesse Driskill (of the world-famous Driskill Hotel!).  101 years later in 1985, this neighborhood was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Ever since the early 2010s, Rainey Street has been a much loved nightlife location for locals and visitors alike!  You might have even heard of “Rainey Street'' if you’ve ever watched King of the Hill (The main characters live on a street bearing the same name AND the show’s creator Mike Judge is a long time resident of Austin!)

Get ready for an awesome night out!

Half Step is a WHOLE Vibe

While walking around Rainey Street, you’ll notice the homes that were saved in 1985 are now bars.  One of my personal favorites is Half Step.  Inside this historic home are 3 smaller bars with a discerning array of drink options as well as a large, welcoming outdoor patio. Walking in, you’ll notice it’s resplendently decorated with vintage wallpaper and reclaimed wood, giving a nod to the historic roots of this district as well as the building itself.   

3 Bars, 1 Patio, All the Good Times!

Alluringly Curated Drinks
Don’t let the smaller drink menu fool you, Half Step’s mixologists curate some of the best cocktails you’ll find in the entire Rainey Street District! One sip and you’ll discover why they were semifinalists among the Best New American Cocktail Bars.

My favorite specialty drink is the Floradora (Gin, raspberry, ginger, lime, seltzer).  However, a close second is the Ginger Paloma (Tequila, grapefruit, ginger, lime, and Jarritos Toronja) that’s always on tap!  There’s also a delightful curation of draft and canned beers for those that love a cold brewski on a summer night. 

The mixologists at Half Step make THE BEST drinks on Rainey Street!

Legendary Live Music
Half Step offers some of the best live music on Rainey Street!  If you know the Austin music scene, let me drop a few names of some of the badass acts that perform at Half Step: Henry Invisible, DeadEye, A Live One, and Dave Orr Band.  If you DON’T know about any of these local performers, I’d highly recommend you see them at this location.
Absolutely legendary performers!

Half Step is always serving up good times during SxSW.  There’s even celebrations for holidays like Jerry Garcia’s birthday (That’s August 1 for those not in the know, but you can celebrate on July 31 with the Half Step Crew in 2022)!

Great music is only one piece that makes this spot one of our favorites. While the music is playing, you can wander around and check out the work and crafts of some of Austin’s coolest makers.  

The motto at Half Step is “You earned it!” and with it being opened daily until 2:00 am, you can redeem what you’ve earned any day of the week!

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