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Wonder Bar

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11500 Rock Rose Avenue Suite 130

(512) 659-5537

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Jane Mesa Last updated on Jul 26, 2022 by

A Photo is Worth a Thousand Likes!

Look out Dirty 6th, here comes Rock Rose Avenue at The Domain!  The bars there are truly each their own unique experience.  While you’re bar hopping at one of the premium party roads in Austin, stop off at Wonder Bar first to get all your amazing Instagram pics (because we all know how pics go later in the evening while bar hopping!).  Think neon signs, bubble machines, carousel horses, coffins for Halloween, and ski lifts for Winter! 

Exactly what the neon sign says!

Always Seasonal, All Ways Themed

No matter what time of year you go to Wonder Bar, there will always be vibes and installations.  Fully immerse yourself in the experience with one of their themed drinks to compliment the photo areas.  Along with their usual fun libations in disco ball cups or mini Patron bottles, the seasonal spirits are presented as snow globes for the winter or techni-color fish bowls full of gummy candies in the summer.  Wonder Bar also has branded, canned seltzers available that come in some delicious flavors like “Cherry Limeade” and “Watermelon Fu*ker”. 

Drinks with matching vibes

There’s also the Secret Room at Wonder Bar (those installations are a little more…”spicy” than the others in the main area of the bar). Speaking of spicy, don’t miss out on their giant wheel a la “The Price Is Right” where you can win an array of prizes starting with a high five from the bartenders to some things more adult in nature.

When you need a break from dancing to the DJs or curating photos for your feed, Wonder Bar has plenty of seating inside as well as a patio area complete with banana shaped swings.  With floor to ceiling whimsy, this is a spot you can’t miss while bar hopping at The Domain.

No matter the season, the best party is at Wonder Bar!

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