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Parlor Room

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88 Rainey St

(512) 559-8800

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Parlor Room # 15 Austin Bar
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Loretta Adams Last updated on May 25, 2023 by

Head over to Parlor Room to experience another Rainey Street historic home. This is one of Rainey’s bars that has preserved part of the past within a fresh and modern scene. There is a special place in my heart for pitched ceilings, exposed wood beams, and creaky wood floors like what you find here. Walking in feels nostalgic and reminds me of my grandma's old house (and this very well could have been a grandparent’s house at some point!). Now this converted bungalow combines that original homeyness with a nifty new vibe.

Welcoming front entrance to 88 Rainey Street

Roam around the rooms to find different settings you can mingle in. Starting in the front yard you can play ring toss while you watch your favorite movies or sporting events on the huge TV. Head inside to lounge like past Rainey St. residents, you’ll end up standing where Texas legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan once stood. Grab drinks inside or walk around to the big outdoor bar and unwind in the backyard where they have a huge covered dancefloor, heaters, and an inviting golden disco ball. Parlor Room also has a big photo booth as well as some quirky neon art and décor that make for great picture opportunities. 

Catch your favorite movie or dance all night!

Lounge like the legends!

I asked for a popular drink and the bartender recommended the Peach Mule. If you’re looking for that balance of “sweet but not too sweet”, this hits the spot and it's a perfect sip for the coming warmer months. Another delightful drink I tried was an Aperol Daiquiri and it might have been my first time tasting this cocktail but it won’t be my last! No matter your preferences, you will certainly find something refreshing here to enjoy while you wander this charming hangout.

Shout out to Cody and the other bartenders!

Next time you hit Rainey Street for a night of bar crawling, be sure to make Parlor Room one of your stops. Book them for your upcoming work events or private parties and your group won’t be disappointed. Bonus points if you can find the misspelling in one of their art signs…

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See y’all there!

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