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Rick's Cabaret

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3105 S I-35 Frontage Rd

(512) 218-8012

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Loretta Adams Last updated on Aug 23, 2023 by

Rick’s Cabaret, founded in Houston (1983), is a nationwide gentlemen’s club that is now one of many different clubs incorporated as a NASDAQ traded company. They provide a trustworthy and comfortable experience in an elegant environment. At Rick’s you will find a high end level of service focused on maintaining the safety and satisfaction of all its guests and staff. It might be a little further out of Austin proper but it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Brand new bottle service booths big enough for your whole group!

As soon as you walk in you’ll feel the exclusive and upscale atmosphere. I enjoyed the elevated feel of the stonework, velvet curtains, and detailed upholstery. They have multiple stages with great views from the entire club. You can relax near the fireplace, up on the bottle service deck, right next to the stage, or in the VIP lounge. Take a smoke break out in their screened-in porch with heaters and TVs. With flatscreens throughout the space and huge projectors near the stages, you’ll never miss a beat from the dancers or a play in the game. The dancers are talented and athletic, each performing to a personalized song mixed by a live DJ. If your group wants to recline like royalty then enjoy the newly renovated booths on the bottle service deck. This area is raised so you can be face-to-face with the ladies on stage. Anywhere you choose to unwind, you’ll get beautiful views and top service.
Anywhere you choose to lounge you'll have a great view!

Throughout the week at Rick’s you can play poker with a perky view. They have a $10 free roll table every night from 8pm-12am. If you do well at those games then you’ll be invited to join their tournaments, hosted on the first Sunday of every month. The tables are always welcoming and fun, grab a lollipop and play some Texas Hold ‘Em.

If you like the full experience you’ll want to join the VIP membership. I truly enjoyed my time sitting back with a beautiful view, some amazing food, and comforting service. My waitress Emily was extremely helpful, easy to talk to, and gorgeous (of course). The waitresses are all stunning and bold, wearing fishnets and black corsets, continuously circling and checking up on guests. I never had to wait or go out of my way to ask for anything.

You will feel protected and well cared for during your time at Rick’s. They offer a lot of privacy for all VIPs and regular clients. If you’d like more discretion for a private song and dance they have a few different options. You can walk with your favorite gal over to the private lounge chairs for a dance if you don’t want to be on the main floor. If you're looking for some up close and intimate time you can upgrade to the private cabanas. These are nice booths, veiled with heavy metal bead curtains and velvet drapes. You can book an even more secluded and personal champagne room if you’d like ultimate privacy for you and your group.
Recline royally in the VIP lounge with 85" TV right behind the stage

Rick’s is a club where you can get a proper meal. They have a large menu with a lot of interesting and yummy options. I asked for their best and most popular bites and by the end of the night I was more than satisfied. I started with the Southwest Eggrolls, which apparently is a top choice on the app list. They were crispy and crunchy on the outside with a savory and fresh mix of chicken, corn, black beans, peppers, and chipotle ranch. Next I tried the Braised Short Rib and Mash. This dish comes in a shallow bowl with a hefty serving of creamy mashed potatoes smothered in a rich brown gravy. On top of that mound is the thick chunk of short rib waiting to be effortlessly pulled apart. It was the perfect level of moist and tender and I had to stop myself from filling up on this dish before the end of my tasting. Next was the Steak Filet and Fries. My steak came at a nice level of medium/medium rare. They cut all of their filets and tomahawks in house, so you know you're getting a good slice. They will make sure that you get exactly what you want with the temperature/doneness. If you're a fan of seasoned fries you’ll love the thick cut steak fries here. To finish out the meal I saved just enough room for the notorious creme brulee. This desert is popular amongst regular guests and dancers too. I can see why they love it, this creamy and crunchy treat was a highlight of my meal.

Short Rib and Mash, Southwest Egg Rolls, Filet and Fries, & Crème brûlée

Huge thank you to everyone who took care of me. I can tell that they take pride in giving good and professional service. My time at Rick’s was truly pleasant and fun. You won’t be hassled here. They have policies and practices in place that keep everyone safe and satisfied. Next time you're looking for a regal rendezvous, head up to Rick’s Cabaret for an evening you won’t soon forget.

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