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Best Shopping in East Austin

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Austin proudly holds the honor of being one of the most moved to cities in the country year after year.  After you visit, you get it.  This city is a tapestry of food, culture, music, history, and technology like nothing else you’d find in the state of Texas.  In fact, Austin's many things to do cater to a diverse audience and there is something for everyone to enjoy. One of our favorite developing spots is East Austin.  This is where old school eclectic Austin merges with what seems to be this city’s Silicon Valley-esque future.  Here you’ll find restaurants like Juan In A Million that have been owned by the same family for generations just down the street from elegantly minimal boutique hotels like Heywood Hotel.

One of my favorite ways to explore a neighborhood is to jump head-first into their shopping scene.  For me, there’s nothing like finding a cool new place to shop while also supporting some amazing local talent and businesses.  When you’re ready to shop all things East Austin, this is my go to list!

Blackfeather Vintage Works
979 Springdale Road Suite 98

Blackfeather Vintage Works has all the style!

Austin definitely has its own style that’s an eclectic blend of nostalgia and present day.  No thrift store in town has captured this as fully as Blackfeather Vintage Works.  Here you’ll find everything from clothing, accessories, and even homegoods.  This shop offers a second to none vintage shopping experience, but the fun doesn’t stop there.  Often you can find pop-up shops happening inside or even semi-pro wrestling matches.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I wasn’t joking when I said eclectic. Blackfeather Vintage Works is open Thursdays through Sundays from noon to 6:00 pm. 

No. 4 St James
916 Springdale Road Building 2, Ste 106 B

Historic name, Iconic items!

No. 4 St James is an astounding collection of items curated with the intention of showcasing quality crafted goods from beloved Texas makers and artisans.  If the name sounds familiar, congrats on knowing Texas History!  From 1836 to 1844, when Texas was still its own republic, this was the address to The Texas Legation in London.  Texas enjoyed this type of diplomacy with several countries, including the French Legation State Historic Site that can still be found in East Austin. 

Enough with the history lesson, let’s get to shopping!  Wander around this shop to find some awesome Texas based goods like Marfa Brand Soaps, copper mugs perfect for your Mule drink of choice, along with hunting knives and tactical hats.

  No. 4 St James’s showroom is open by appointment only on Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

906 East 5th Street Suite 106

Support artists and look amazing while you're doing it.

One of the huge perks of shopping around the East Side is supporting small businesses while also supporting the artists they feature.  ARO is your one stop shop for everything from jewelry to clothing, homegoods to apothecary items.

Starting as an e-commerce site in 2014, ARO opened their first storefront in 2015 then launched their first in-store exclusive collection in 2018.  They offer a curated collection that showcases emerging and maverick creators. Much of their collection comes from artisans and makers in Taxco, Mexico.

Son of a Sailor
916 Springdale Road Building 3, Suite 105

Get to know the artists & makers at Son of a Sailor

This is truly a one of a kind studio & shopping experience that you cannot miss while exploring the East Side of Austin.  Since 2011, Son of a Sailor has been making and selling goods for people, home, and even pets. 

Walking in feels a bit like Andy Warhol’s Factory dropped into Austin and absorbed the vibes. While you shop, take an opportunity to meet the makers of the products you're looking to purchase. Son of a Sailor showcases their leather working, jewelry making, and woodworking on site in their studio/storefront.  I think it’s so cool that you can watch something being made, listen to the artist talk about their process, and support their work all at the same place!  Son of a Sailor has locations in East Austin and San Marcos. 

East Austin Succulents
801 Tillery Street

East Austin Succulents is heaven for plant lovers!

Don’t worry plant parents, I see you and I have THE spot you have to visit for all things succulents and cactus!  Even if you don’t have a green thumb and are an aspiring plant whisperer like me, East Austin Succulents is your place. 

This little slice of heaven is run by plant lovers who are ready to assist or educate any variety of garden enthusiasm.  They sell single plants, pre-made arrangements, and some delightful containers for your new found flora friends. 

If you can’t make a trip to their Tillery Road location, you can always shop their online collection from the comfort of your apartment.  Whether you visit online or in-person, you will not be able to leave East Austin Succulents empty handed! 

Helm Boots
1200 E 11th Street #101

Step out in style in a pair of Helm Boots.

Helm Boots is NOT your mama’s or papa’s boot store!  Since 2009, they have been crafting footwear that has officially raised the standard in Austin.  Each pair of boots and shoes are handmade by one of 14 master bootmakers in a 153 step process that ensures the highest quality that’s made to last and style that is timeless.

While they produce a high caliber product, Helm Boots offers options to ensure you get the longest wear out of your purchase. Because their boots and shoes are made to last, there’s a repair shop offering resoling and rebooting as well as a buy/sell option for previously owned pairs.

Miranda Bennett Studio
1211 E 11th Street Suite 101

Miranda Bennett Studio is where Mother Earth shops in Austin!

If Mother Earth went dress shopping, she would go to Miranda Bennett Studio.  Their clothing is sustainably crafted using plant dyed silks and linens created by an all woman team right here in Austin, Texas. Wrap all that in ethical production, sustainability, zero waste, AND the styles are effortlessly timeless…Now that I think about it, Mother Earth might just go on a full shopping spree there! 

Not only does Miranda Bennett Studio offer dresses and clothing, they also sell leather goods, yarn, pillow cases, body pillows, and EVEN nail polish.

Since 2013, Miranda Bennett Studio has worked to create goods made from biodegradable materials and organic cotton all while minimizing their carbon footprint by maintaining their entire production process within the Austin city limits. 

Fail Collective
2612 E. Cesar Chavez St.

Delicate, local, and totally unique

Fail Collective is a calm, elevated jewelry shopping experience with lots of warm, natural light showcasing a curation of pieces that are trendy and timeless, as well as classic and modern. 

Designer, owner, and long time East Austin resident, Christine Fail, creates beautiful pieces.  With a background in studio art as well as working for some of the mostly highly respected jewelers in Austin, her East Austin shop showcases her talent brilliantly.  Her collections masterfully capture the spirit of Austin in sleek, minimalist designs that transition from day to night effortlessly.
Each piece in Fail Collective is handmade in Austin with quality and accessible price points in mind.  Not only do they offer fabulous collections, but they also have wedding sets for the perfectly dazzling wedding party styles you’ve been dreaming of!

Treasure City Thrift
2142 E 7th Street

Cool vintage clothes AND community? YES, PLEASE!

Not only is this a one of a kind shopping experience, but Treasure City Thrift also donates its space to grassroots organizations from around Austin as a means to create the good changes needed around the city.  This shop truly cares for its workers, community, and city all while operating as a co-op that seeks to benefit those needing the most help. 

This iconic shop opened in 2006 by a group of Austinites volunteering their time to help the nonprofits in their community of East Austin.  Of the many organizations Treasure City Thrift endorses, one of their primary beneficiaries is Inside Books Project, a charity that sends over 30,0000 books to inmates in the Texas penal system.

The Little Gay Shop
828 Airport Boulevard

Your one stop shop for all things LGBTQIA

It all started with an idea and a shipping container!  When The Little Gay Shop opened in 2019, owners Justin Galicz and Kirt Reynolds wanted to create a space that was all about visibility and community.  At this shop you can find all of the shirts, stickers, and homegoods that will truly showcase your Pride. They also sell hard to find books and magazines like Brunch Club and Candy.  And yes, everything in the store is made by creators from the LGBTQIA community! 

Not only can you stock up on everything delightfully gay, but The Little Gay Shop also has a book club, lovingly named The Little Gay Book Club.  There are 4 tiers of paid membership, but don’t let that scare you off!  Community members who want to join, but face financial limitations can access the Mutual Readers Fund.  This is a resource that allows anyone who wants to join access regardless of their ability to pay.

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