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Best Speakeasies in Austin

Loretta Adams Last updated on Nov 08, 2023 by

This weird city is full of surprises. Listen and look and you’ll find the paths less traveled leading to some of Austin’s coolest cocktails. From true secret spots to bars hidden in plain sight, you can experience the exclusivity and esteem one feels when walking into a speakeasy. We are here to help you find some of these concealed saloons. Here are just some of our favorites from the many you might discover.

Milonga Room

Underneath one of the Best Restaurants in Austin, Buenos Aires Café, lies a romantic secret. One of Austin’s original speakeasies and a South American escape from reality. Sink into supple velvet antiques and sip on Amaro drinks. Only a few spots available so you’ll have to make arrangements through the restaurant or online. Check out our review for more.

Dumont’s Down Low

Tucked alongside the venues on 4th Street is Dumont’s Down Low. This lounge is not very hard to find, but the historic building it resides in holds some serious secrets. Many believe this basement is haunted by the spirit of Sally, the madam of the brothel that used to occupy this space. See for yourself and descend into this whisky barrel and sepia tone setting.

Midnight Cowboy

True to its roots, the only thing that marks Midnight Cowboy is a red light (these days). Not too long ago you would have seen the suggestive and somewhat unseemly sign that indicated the “massage” parlor and brothel that was here until shut down by the FBI only 12 years ago. This spot has been given a total makeover into a sultry speakeasy. These owners also run Dumont’s, Lavaca St Bar, and many others around town. You’ll now find the old Midnight Cowboy sign living at one of their newest spaces, Sign Bar. 

Firehouse Lounge

Look for the Firehouse Hostel lobby and embrace your inner Scooby-Doo detective. Look to the back of the books to find this hidden gem. Directly across from the Driskill Hotel and just around the corner from the Sixth Street Historic District nightlife scene. With warm red lighting, great music, and even better drinks, this place is a must visit while in town. Their bar is often busy but there is more space than you might expect. Impress your friends here with a new kind of night out.


Just around the building-bend is the hidden paradise of Eden. Make sure to make reservations online in order to visit this super secret spot. You’ll have to travel down an alley and look for the purple door. Don’t worry about the scene outside because as soon as you enter here you’ll find a whole new world. Discover this secret garden of gorgeous art, glamorous vibes, and wicked good drinks.


Garage is a paradise of a more industrial kind. You’ll literally find this lovely little bar inside a garage. Find this liquor loaded parking lot and look for the neon sign. Inside you’ll see they’ve transformed this concrete cavity into an interesting and intimate cocktail lounge. Perfect for enjoying a superior sip and some personal time with your partner.

Floppy Disk Repair Co.

The bar also known as Red Headed Stepchild and one of Austin’s most eccentric speakeasies. Enter if you have the guts… This place doesn’t hold back on décor or on their menu, all inspired by killers, clowns, and creeps of all kinds. Certainly, RHS isn’t the spot for the weak stomach or faint of heart. If you want the code to get in you’ll have to know someone who knows it or stop by their neighbor bar (and some other secret spots like Firehouse Lounge) and schmooze their bartenders with a solid tip!

Here Nor There

Book your next getaway at this funky exclusive basement bar. Their website claims “you’ll find respite in a place that’s neither here nor there” and to find out much more you’ll have to see it for yourself. Hidden right under the heart of Downtown Austin and the entrance found somewhere near the Driskill hotel. You can make a reservation but you’ll have to download their app. Look for the contemporary collage of black and white doodles and don’t get lost! 

The Treasury

Take it to the bank and head down into The Treasury. This cocktail vault lies beneath Austin’s legendary east side dive bar, Shangri-La. Lose the horizon for a while in this windowless drink den just down the stairs and past the Deposit doors. Look for the glowing light and ring the buzzer to get in. If you can’t find the door or if the neon reads “At Capacity”, you’ll already be inside a popular pub and patio!

Secret Garden

Thursdays bring us a pop up paradise just behind the walls of the dazzling Ah Sing Den. In the main lounge you’ll find an abundant Asian cocktail lounge with famed food. Walk through the back curtain to find a lush greenhouse patio dance party. They host events and DJs here each week so stop by next Thursday to have a drink and a dance! 

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