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Best Dance Clubs in Austin

Loretta Adams Last updated on Aug 05, 2023 by

Calling all dancing queens and kings! Gather your friends and your favorite moves and hop to one of Austin’s best dance clubs! Whether you’re downtown or on the Eastside, there are plenty of places to boogie and bounce. Shake up your next night with a twist ‘n’ shout at one of these fantastic dance floors.

Outer Heaven Disco Club
1808 E 12th St

Isaac & Sage guard the door, Owner spotted DJing next to doppelgänger

Travel out of the downtown atmosphere and drift over to Outer Heaven. This stellar stop brought more Disco to our dance scene and quickly became a local hot spot. Truly one of Austin’s most Austin clubs. Their space reflects the eccentric origins of our city as boldly as the giant disco ball launching lights around the dance floor. They pride Outer Heaven on resisting corruption and call themselves a “crew of misfits, desperately trying to keep the real Austin alive”. Funk it up on the dance floor Friday and Saturday or rock on and belt out loud for karaoke during the week.

Coconut Club
310B Colorado St

"You wanna go to the laser pit?"

This incredible club off 4th street has a lot more going on than you might expect. Coconut Club has a laser pit dance floor, a rumpus rooftop, and two sister spaces connected on either side, Quatro Gato & Neon Grotto. They host a heap of DJs, performers, drag shows, and dance parties. Roam through the neon lit hallways from room to room while you dance and listen to different DJs stationed around the club. You will want to attend and bring your friends soon as the building won’t feature Coconut and her neighbors forever! 

Sahara Lounge
1413 Webberville Rd

Papi Chulo bringing down the house!

Sahara is a special place tucked away on the east side, run by locals who have maintained a slice of old Austin. This melting pot night spot has wonderful worldly events, music, food, and rich culture. Attend Africa Night every Saturday to experience what has been voted one of Austin’s best events. Hear the incredible bands that bring the house down, eat mind blowing buffet meals, and enrich your soul dancing to the diverse and brilliant live music; Afro Jazz, Reggae, Latin, Funk, Electronic, Country, and much more!

505 E 7th St

Once upon a time, in a Kingdom off 7th and Red River...

Kingdom reigns as one of Austin’s best electronic nightclubs. Don’t let the unassuming entrance in the alley fool you; they have a massive space inside, a full bar, and some of the best shows and afterparties you can attend in town. The DJ booth sits above the crowd like a throne in front of its royal dance floor. EDM, House, and Techno lovers rejoice to know there is a party palace waiting here for you. Shuffle into Kingdom and put your dance cards on the table.

Cheer Up Charlies
900 Red River St
Victor Suarez lights up the club!

Not only one of Austin’s best gay bars, Cheer Up Charlies is a beloved dance club for all. This unique venue is tucked into the limestone cliffside creating a sensational soundscape for the outdoor stage. Inside you can sip on their famous kombucha cocktails and hear additional musicians and DJs. As the name implies, the performances and parties here will lift your spirits and inevitably get everyone moving to the music.

611 Red River St

Author Loretta rocks out in a pit pic by BUSTOS Photography

Barbarella is host to some of the most highly attended downtown dance parties. You can catch all kinds of music here at regular events like TuesGayz, Jimmy Eat Wednesday, NOWY2K, and more! There are multiple bars and areas to dance inside and out. The back patio and stage area connects to the rear door of Swan Dive, the bar next door. In tandem these bars host impressive local bands and performers, inspiring karaoke, memorable mosh pits, and more dancing than you can well imagine.

Rain on 4th
217 W 4th St
Rain AND Shine!

This glorious gay club and disco den is one of Austin’s long serving legends. Pay respect to the Queens who run the world at one of their drag shows or dance with somebody under the mirrorball. Rain does it right with a light up dance floor that makes you feel like the main character in a movie. Break free of boredom, raise a glass and the roof at Rain on 4th.

Hotel Vegas & The Volstead Lounge
1500 E 6th St
Dance and don't bother the DJ!

This east side duo has been drawing in huge crowds for over a decade. They host an authentically Austin assortment of bands and performers; from DJs to hardcore punk and metal, singers and pop stars to country and rock. Be prepared for the amount of people that show up to these popular events. They distribute folks through two different indoor bars and dance rooms as well as outside throughout the huge backyard. Check their calendar for upcoming shows or just show up, hit happy hour, and see whoever is on deck when you get there (open 7 days a week!).

Voodoo Room
419 E 6th St
Conjure your companions for a magical night

If you find yourself on the infamous Dirty 6th, consider making Voodoo Room one of your hop spots. More than just one of the bars, this place creates mystifying memories. Go beyond the ground level, the third floor is where it really gets wild. They have a big DJ booth with stunning light displays, room to jump around, a full bar, and even a dance pole for you and your party people. Head to Voodoo to catch weekly events, renowned producers and performers, and energizing EDM.

Mala Vida
708 E 6th St
"The Neon Bar"

If you’ve wondered about the colorful and loud party erupting at the east end of Dirty 6th, that would be Mala Vida. This neon nightclub is a mecca for Latin lovers. Living by their name they host fantastic fiestas and weekly event nights like Zona del Perreo, Sabados de Bellakeo, y Frikitona Thursdays. Wear your hottest ‘fit because there are tons of fun photo opportunities. One of the biggest and brightest spaces in the area and among the few that are 18+. Make Mala Vida your next night out and Salud!

505 Neches St
Angel or not... everyone is invited!

Find yourself floating into Cielo. Just off from the busyness of Dirty 6th is a laser filled Latin club. Low cover and Ladies Night every Friday! Enter into the fog, dance under the disco ball, or head up the staircase to the loft and second full bar. Cielo is a perfect place to celebrate with your friends, take cool pictures, and dance the night away. 

What other clubs do you dance at? Let us know!

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