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1. Rainey Street District

Rainey Street

Rainey Street District is probably the most unusual nightlife scene in Austin. The first bar to open in Rainey was Lustre Pearl located in an old home. Not too long after other homes converted into bars and now the area is covered with bars, hotels, restaurants, and food trucks all in what was once a typical neighborhood street in downtown Austin.

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2. The Yellow Rose

The Yellow Rose

The gentlemen's club scene in Austin Tx is different than a city like Houston or Dallas. Somewhere back in the day, some puritanical types made some rules limiting the quan-titty of SOB (sexually oriented businesses) within the Austin city limits to 6 total gentlemen's clubs. You do get a few newd-bies opening up on the outskirts of town across city lines. But what remains within the city limits is a battle royal for top spot to earn your hard earned dollar and twenties. The Yellow Rose wears the whale's tail of bikini bottoms as the most consistent spot to spot some hot girls doing twirls. Yes, it's a strip club, but the vibe is always super fun and there are usually quite a few lady customers to go with the expected amount of gentle men.

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3. Sahara Lounge

Sahara Lounge

Way out on the East side of Austin where Webberville Road suddenly emerges again heading NE off Springdale Rd, lies a live music bar that bills itself as Austin's East Side Gem. After spending many a night here, we can get behind that title as it's always a rocking good time. There is no spot in Austin with a better multicultural melting pot scene blending every ethnicity, economic income bracket, and positive human personality possible. Their Saturday "Africa night" has won various awards for consistently rocking the dance floor and comes with a complimentary buffet of soul food. There's a couple of pool tables in the front and a fire pit about back usually surrounded by circle of beatnik type hipsters, hippies, college kids and anybody looking to share a deep thought induced by cheap drinks and well, other elements. Everybody is welcome at Sahara Lounge.

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4. Cosmic Cafe off South Congress

Cosmic Cafe

Originally a farm to table energized coffee house with collected rain water, chicken coops, organic gardens, ponds, and composting, it's now turned into a happening beer garden located just off of South Congress near hwy 71. On a warm sunny day, you'll find every seat in the house adorned with a group of friends, likely a dog or 5, and table covered with pints of beer. They don't serve food themselves, but are home to 3 food trucks that get the job done. They do serve nicely priced pints of locally made beer to seemingly countless outdoor tables, half of which are covered in case of a sprinkle.

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5. Buford's on West 6th


For a big night out, it doesn't get much bigger or better than Buford's on West 6th. they feature 3 stories, multiple patios, dance floors, indoor and outdoor games, and several bars to sling drinks your way. Nestled in the heart of West 6th you can expect a mix of professionals, students, and everything from the after work crowd to a late night party.

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